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  1. How long did the interview day last? And does anyone know how many spots are left in their class ?
  2. I'm going to start PA school next year and am trying to decide between a newer program that is not ranked, but closer to home or a highly respected program that is out of state and significantly more expensive (about 45k). How much does the reputation/history of the program matter in the long run? Is paying more money worth it to go to one of the best programs in the nation? Also, how long did it take you to pay off your student loans after graduating? I have no kids and am not married so I won't have too many extra expenses after graduating.
  3. Okay thanks for elaborating! That doesn't sound so bad actually
  4. How many classes are online? Why are they not offered on campus?
  5. for anyone who has sent in their deposit already: have you gotten a letter or anything from them confirming that they got your deposit?
  6. optmistic3, I flew out of PHL and did not rent a car while I was there. I took the Delaware express which wasn't terribly expensive. I heard there is a bus to the airport as well if you are trying to save money but it would probably take longer to get there.
  7. Is there a facebook group or anything for the accepted students?
  8. Yes, I have gotten like 4 different emails saying they still need my supplemental but I paid and submitted it months ago. I wouldn't worry about it!
  9. I submitted everything back in May and just now got an email confirming that they have everything they need. Anyone else experience this ?
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