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Accepted Class of 2022

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9 minutes ago, nehpets99 said:

One of the instructors said once the class is set he makes a page and sends out info on where to find it.

I didn't see this message before I created the group, so if people want to go ahead and join this one in the meantime, feel free! The link is facebook.com/groups/ketteringpa2022

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On โ€Ž11โ€Ž/โ€Ž5โ€Ž/โ€Ž2019 at 3:47 PM, mbrooke992 said:

Hi all! Congrats on your acceptances!!! Im a current student in the class of 2021 and thought id offer advice if any of you need it! Feel free to reach out to me with questions you may have about anything!! Where to live, about Dayton, school, anything! Ill try my best to be helpful ๐Ÿ™‚

I live in Melbourne Beach, Fl. If accepted I have to move to Miami. Any recommendations? any advice on the testing? text me at 3213127373

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43 minutes ago, FuturePA1940 said:

Hey everybody! My name is Kiley and I am attending Kettering College class of 2020-2022. I'm so excited to meet you all! I was just wondering if anybody was looking for roommates or have any suggestions on where to live. I'm moving from West Michigan and don't know the Dayton area super well yet. Thanks!

Iโ€™m also from West Michigan! Waiting to hear back from two other schools before I commit to Kettering,ย but excited to get to know everyone (: Be sure to check out the Facebook page someone created (linked above)!

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