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  1. I went to a docs appointment and he told me that he got his MED school personal statement done by a service that put his ideas in the right context and tone. He is is a foreign doctor. English is not my first language and I wonder how ethical is having someone else re-writing per se a personal statement and not just editing or reviewing. This is my first time applying and as everyone here I want to have an outstanding personal statement. I am a bit rusty writing but I completed my statement already, anyone willing to guide me into the right direction to someone who can review it. One of my professors did it but I am not agreeing entirely in his point of view.
  2. God works in mysterious ways and I accept His will, I really don’t need another bachelors degree, I rather put my BS towards a master’s degree in Nursing. Now I understand why MDC does not participate in CASPA or requires a GRE; It is not a graduate school. I asked the director the day of the test about the degree and he said he forgot to say to all of us is a bachelors degree with the option to obtain a master’s thru Francis. I will end up doing the same job as PAs in the ER or in family practice as a nurse practitioner and I will get my didactic year online without the need to relocate to Miami which at tfw long run will save me money. My rotations will be locally up here in Brevard county and I will feel way more comfortable competing for jobs with candidates with real Masters degrees. So I’m happy God spoke to me that morning.
  3. I’m disappointed with MDCC pa program. I showed up for the test after a 4 hour drive (started driving from north Florida at 1 am) and I was assured that I would have access to blackboard prior to the test. I arrived and was told to go the the IT department and they didn’t help at all. I had to take the test In paper and God knows if they gave me the same test as everybody else. I was supposed to be interviewed that morning but all Jacky said is that I had a poor score 13.5 therefore no interview granted. I emailed next day for official results and nothing until this day. This process has been a mess since day 1. Extremely unorganized and unprofessional behavior from the department and level of communication zero.
  4. I will be 42 years old at time for graduation. Am I too old to join?
  5. Hello, God permitting I will be graduating from PA school in 2021. I will be 43 years old then. My question is if anyone knows a reliable source where I can see the age waivers and limits for joining the military. Am I too old? is it there to talk to a recruiter before or after graduating?
  6. Hello my name is Ed. I completed my BS in Biomed and ready to jump into PA school at 41. I live in Melbourne Beach, so pending on acceptance I will have to move to Dade County. Any tips or advice in where to rent or live near the medical campus? If anyone wants to tag along during the last steps of the process "testing and interviewing" please contact me at 321-312-7373 or write me at: luchoed@icloud.com
  7. I did apply and hopefully I get accepted this year. text me 3213127373. I need to move if I'm accepted.
  8. I live in Melbourne Beach, Fl. If accepted I have to move to Miami. Any recommendations? any advice on the testing? text me at 3213127373
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