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  1. Hi all! Congrats on your acceptances!!! Im a current student in the class of 2021 and thought id offer advice if any of you need it! Feel free to reach out to me with questions you may have about anything!! Where to live, about Dayton, school, anything! Ill try my best to be helpful
  2. Is there anyone else from the 12/1 interview who hasn't heard anything back yet??
  3. For those accepted, do you know if Kettering will create a FB group or something alike for us to all talk with each other / find potential roommates?
  4. I am thrilled to say that I received an email on 10/8 saying I was accepted into the program!!! I can't wait!
  5. Im interviewing Dec. 1 and they told me it is the first day of interviews! I also don't know how many seats have been filled from last years re-applicants either!
  6. Hello! I'm interviewing on December 1st and am very excited!! Is anyone else interviewing on this date?!
  7. Hello! I applied to UE this caspa cycle and am waitlisted! I was wondering how many people from your caspa cycle got offered admission from the waitlist?
  8. Congrats to everyone who got accepted!!! I was placed on the waitlist! To everyone who is accepted, how long did they give you to put a deposit down? Thanks! @CourtneyPAS @kwilson @ErinTaylor
  9. @amg31 @oliviapa I havent heard back yet either!
  10. Hi! :) I applied too! Can't wait to see what happens next!
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