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  1. Figured I'd drop in and say hi. I'm a current first year student, so if anyone has questions about the application process. life as a KC PA student (especially in the time of COVID), etc. I'll do my best to answer.
  2. Personally I think all this stat comparing is unhealthy and doesn't really mean anything. But here's me: cGPA: 3.10 (but 123 hours of post-bacc with a GPA of 3.79)sGPA: 3.35PCE: ~8500 hours as a respiratory therapistGRE: V156 (73%) Q157 (65%) W4.5 (82%)Shadow: 80 hours split between an ED PA and a cardiology PAVolunteer: 680
  3. I also received an interview invite for 3/13 but have already been accepted elsewhere so I too will be declining. Since @niqbal4 asked, my application was received 24 June. Good luck to whomever gets my interview spot!
  4. There are anecdotal stories of people being accepted the week or even the day before classes start. If I were you I would start preparing everything for next cycle but you're safe to hold off submitting applications until Kettering starts (since it'll be right after when CASPA opens).
  5. That's weird about the texting and I agree that would have been unsettling. I don't like the idea of interviewers intentionally trying to put us in stressful situations to try to throw us off; to me, it's bad enough when I get an interviewer who sits in the room the whole time deadpan. Personally I don't mind follow-up questions since it helps create a more natural dialogue to see how we really are. Here's my take on interviews, even blind ones: it's like dating. On paper someone could look great--good GPA, good hours, etc., but every program has that "X" factor that they're looking for and you don't really know if someone has it until you sit down with them. I remember when I got hired on to my current job, the manager asked me one question: why did I get into respiratory care? She said resumes only show a glimpse of someone, interview questions can be polished and rehearsed, but if you really want to know someone, you need to see how they shake your hand, how they sit, how they are in a more natural setting. I had a horrible interview at Charleston (WV) and got rejected. I had a great interview at Mount St. Joseph and got rejected. I had a decent interview at OU and got rejected. None of these schools would identify anything really specific about me as to why they rejected me, they just did. Just like we're probably likely to behave different on interview day than we will in class, the admissions committee probably acts a little differently on interview day vs everyday in class. We the applicants should be assessing the programs just as much as they are assessing us. I think Kettering has a proven track record, but at the end of the day if it's not the right fit for someone, they shouldn't go.
  6. One of the instructors said once the class is set he makes a page and sends out info on where to find it.
  7. Found out today I got accepted from 10/23!!! I live in Middletown and will be commuting. I will consider renting out a room, too.
  8. One of the students told us today that there is no cadaver lab. They do modular teaching but didn't really go into detail on specifically how anatomy is taught. One of the students told us that it's a lot of Powerpoint...
  9. They received my application 24 June and it's been radio silence
  10. Has anyone heard anything? It's been complete radio silence for me.
  11. Finally got the email with the invite. I'll take my CASPer next week and they'll call me to set up an interview day/time. To answer @PAMQtobe, I'm a bit of an outlier: cGPA: 3.10 (but 123 hours of post-bacc with a GPA of 3.79)sGPA: 3.35 (Math/science prereq GPA 3.91)PCE: ~8500 hours as a respiratory therapistGRE: V156 (73%) Q157 (65%) W4.5 (82%)Shadow: 80 hours between an ED PA and a cardiology PAVolunteer: 680
  12. cGPA: 3.10 (but 123 hours of post-bacc with a GPA of 3.79) sGPA: 3.35 (Math/science prereq GPA 3.91) PCE: ~8500 hours as a respiratory therapist GRE: V156 (73%) Q157 (65%) W4.5 (82%) Shadow: 80 hours split between an ED PA and a cardiology PA Volunteer: 680 LORs from previous manager, pulmonologist/intensivist I work with, ED MD I work with, ED PA I work with/shadowed, respiratory school program director I'm a bit of an outlier.
  13. Thank you. They received my supplemental 7 August.
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