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Having trouble answering a supplemental application essay question!

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The question is “what was the biggest challenge you’ve encountered and what lesson was learned?”


Should I keep my answer on the subject of academics and work or would it be ok to include a story that’s personal? Probably the biggest challenge for me was being the only sibling close by taking care of my dad and dealt with his sudden passing after graduating college and starting application process. I’m not sure if it would be the best route to go or not. My experiences as far as work as a CNA I’ve seen a lot but nothing stands out as the single most challenging thing. 

Answer is allowed to be 300 words max. I’m not looking for or expecting anyone to do all the work for me but just asking for some guidance. 

I appreciate the advice and taking the time to help me!

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My suggestion is to go with the life changing/difficult moment that you had to overcome and maybe somehow tie it into how it propelled your decision in following this career path. Not a lot of people deal with the life and death situations of parents early in life and remain determined to continue pursing their dreams. I think you are on the right track overall, keep it up and good luck!

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