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  1. I am currently first year PA student. I feel like I am not understanding the material (teacher talks fast in lecture, won’t let us record, and slides are not detailed) and I am spending too much time trying to study and I don’t feel I am studying the right way for this class. Any tips on how you studied pharmacology, organized material, other resources utilized besides textbook. Thanks and this is greatly appreciated.
  2. Degree: BS in Chemistry University of Charleston 3.9 GPA PCE: 2,000 hours working as a CNA in intermediate care at a hospital. HCE: 1,000 hours working in home health and 800 hours working as a volunteer in various locations. GRE: 300 combined score; 4.5 in writing Shadowing: 250 hours plus shadowing 4 PAs (urgent care, dermatology, hospitalist) and one NP. LORs: 5 total (work supervisor, 1 PA, 2 professors, and volunteer manager). My advice would be to worry about finding good hands on work experiences and finding any shadowing experience you can get your hands on. Find opportunities to work with the underserved. Build a group of references that can speak of you as a person and what kind of student you were. These people If you have that great of a relationship you can utilize to help you with interviews, resume help, studying, and understanding the whole application process in general. Spending a whole lot of money on this process is not necessary utilize the connections you have around you. Lastly, you can start visiting schools now this will be helpful to you and show schools that you are really interested.
  3. congrats on being excepted!! I am from WV as well. Feel free to message me!
  4. I got an acceptance email as well! I’m so excited !
  5. The question is “what was the biggest challenge you’ve encountered and what lesson was learned?” Should I keep my answer on the subject of academics and work or would it be ok to include a story that’s personal? Probably the biggest challenge for me was being the only sibling close by taking care of my dad and dealt with his sudden passing after graduating college and starting application process. I’m not sure if it would be the best route to go or not. My experiences as far as work as a CNA I’ve seen a lot but nothing stands out as the single most challenging thing. Answer is allowed to be 300 words max. I’m not looking for or expecting anyone to do all the work for me but just asking for some guidance. I appreciate the advice and taking the time to help me!
  6. No I haven’t received an email from Dr. Momen. My application is complete as far as I know. Is it because you had courses that were planned or in-progress?
  7. I received an email like this as well yesterday from Kim Klaus detailing how to update courses on CASPA.
  8. I’ve received an interview offer from WVU’s PA Program and I am also a WV resident. My interview is scheduled for 8/15 9:30 AM. I will be driving up to Morgantown a day early...if anyone wants to meet up before or after interview let me know! I am also curious as to the difficulty level of the questions that were asked at the interview (for those who have already had an interview) if the questions were pretty common or were there questions that stumped you? It is good to hear from folks that the staff there is friendly and not intimidating
  9. Hello, Attached I have my first draft and the second time I am applying. I want my essay to be really strong to make up for my ok GRE score and acceptable, yet fewer, PCE hours than other applicants. I hope to turn my essay in very soon and I hope it feels interesting and genuine and makes me stand out as an applicant. I would appreciate any critique or advice on my personal statement essay. If you can read my essay I would like feedback on how the essay flows, any negative language or generic language I need to leave out or rephrase, areas I need to provide more detail or explain myself better, and if my essay is interesting enough and would look good to PA programs. Also, I am wondering if I am using the correct tense and how CASPA wants your essay to appear on their application (font, spacing, tabs, etc). Thanks for your time and help! PA personal essay rough draft word doc June 2019 3.docx
  10. On CASPA, when you want to create an evaluation request by entering the first and last name, email address, due date, and personal message to your evaluator. If my college professor is going to be one of my evaluators, where should I add his Ph.D credentials? And also what is the personal message to evaluator used for?
  11. I am interested in getting help with my personal statement! Not sure how you want to do this but my email is ndeitz105@gmail.com. Let me know thanks.
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