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Low gre score and extremely late applicant

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Hi everyone! So I took my gre today and my scores were extremely low. Verbal 146 and quantitative 140. Plus the fact that I’m pretty late in applying is freaking me out. Is there anyone that has received an interview invitation with similar gre scores? At this point I don’t even know if it’s pointless to apply since I can’t retake my gre. Any advice will be appreciated. 

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An application is only late past the deadline unless the school does rolling admission, even so there should be seats remaining up to the deadline. I am about to submit an application this afternoon to a school with rolling admissions as a basis for comparison.

Most schools do not post minimum GRE's but will show an average GRE from previous cycles. That being said, your score is low for PA schools, I would not hold my breath waiting to see if I were accepted. Instead, I would look forward to how you can improve your application and if you happen to get a call back congratulations.

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I wouldn’t say pointless, but that GRE score is not competitive at all. There’s, of course, a chance for interviews if the rest of your application is up to snuff, but if your GRE is as competitive as the rest of the app I would go ahead and wait. I don’t know anyone that has gotten an interview without at least a 295+

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