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  1. @Parj13 When did you hear about your acceptance?
  2. Hi everyone, I received an email last night around 8pm I’ve been waitlisted. I’m still hopeful
  3. No, I interviewed January 17th but still haven’t heard from them.
  4. @Maddie88No, but I did call FIU and asked if they were still sending out interview invites and they said yes.
  5. I just received an invite too! I did my undergrad at this university. It’s such an amazing school. Sooo happy Good luck everyone!
  6. Hi everyone! So I took my gre today and my scores were extremely low. Verbal 146 and quantitative 140. Plus the fact that I’m pretty late in applying is freaking me out. Is there anyone that has received an interview invitation with similar gre scores? At this point I don’t even know if it’s pointless to apply since I can’t retake my gre. Any advice will be appreciated.
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