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  1. I believe they are done mid September (correct me if I’m wrong)
  2. Hi. They will likely send the first wave out at the end of this month for the late August interview date. My information is coming from the past forum pages. Hope this helps.
  3. Received an interview for Aug 8th at 445p today via email.
  4. Hi. Yes, the same thing occurs to me. I assume yours is complete too. Just a funky thing about their website I guess.
  5. I stand corrected then. I would, however, only send additional scores if they show an uptrend and aren’t nearly identical.
  6. Hi. On the school comparison sheet on Duke’s website they state under their GPA requirements that there is no GPA requirement for application. Best of luck!
  7. I’m not sure I would send every GRE score to the schools if I had taken it multiple times. I, personally, would pick the one with the highest percentiles and call it a day. Seems a huge waste of money to send that many scores out.
  8. Their website says their deadline is Dec 1, but on previous forums I have found people receiving interviews in July so I would guess yes, they do use rolling admissions.
  9. Submitted 5/7 Verified 5/8 Desales 5/8
  10. In that case I wouldn't worry about signing up late. It should have minimal impact on your application, if any at all. All speculation though
  11. I don't think they're going to put too much weight on the CASPer test considering it's technically optional (albeit strongly recommended on their website). Pretty sure they're just using it as a test run of sorts to see if there's any correlation to admitted students in the future. You've signed up for it and are going to take it eventually, so if you get an interview you can say that you've taken it and waiting for results or something along those lines. Is this the first year they're using CASPer?
  12. Hola! Received my first interview from here on 5/30 for 6/25. Should I be worried about the accreditation-provisional status of this school?
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