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  1. Damn. You must’ve really killed that interview. Congratulations.
  2. I got into PA school with a little less than a 3.7 cgpa with only an undergrad if that helps. I made up for it with my experience I think. i feel anything less than a 3.5 I would have done something drastic like a masters.
  3. I did this in my undergrad. It isn’t easy, but as long as your head and your schedule are in the right place you can do well. Be sure to study hard as you’ll be taking a lot more than two tough science classes at the same time in PA school.
  4. Hello, I decided to make a new group for all accepted students on Facebook. All campuses are invited! Here's the link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/583637322206014/
  5. Luckily, it’s mostly hard to go wrong when choosing between PA schools since the accreditation process is somewhat stringent. To me, 40 grand is a big deal. It looks as if school B is more of a match for you, but the question is: is it worth 40k in debt? If it seems worth it to you, go to school B, and if not, school A.
  6. @nikkik23 I haven’t been added yet either. I am also looking for a roommate, DM if you’re interested!
  7. I agree with above. Personally, I graduated from college and then began my EMT certs/work. Worked well for me as I was able to completely focus on one aspect at a time. I would focus on your GPA, especially your science courses, for now as it is one of the harder things to change towards the end.
  8. It seems that your scores may be a bit low. GRE is average, overall GPA is average and science GPA is in the low side. If you applied to schools that prioritized grades and scores, that could be the reason for the cricket noise.
  9. Would like to start a forum for all those accepted and attending in May 2020. Congrats to you all!
  10. Frankly, if you’re accepted already and it’s not a tentative course for matriculation, who cares if your grade is low? I remember genetics wasn’t easy but it’s worth learning. May as well stay with it to better yourself.
  11. If there’s no difference in quality of education, I would go to the cheaper option.
  12. Depending on the school it took me no more than 5 business days for my interviews.
  13. Yes, I have received a confirmation from Jaimee Kester that they received my deposit. This came 2 weeks after I had put the money down. I was accepted 8/26, deposit paid 9/5 and confirmation 9/19. Hope this helps. Also, if someone has started a Facebook group or something for the class of 2022, let me know. I need to find a roommate!
  14. The EMT took me only a summer to get so around 3-4 months. I worked 24 on and 48 off for a while, so roughly 60 hrs a week takes 33ish weeks. All together about a year. I would highly recommend the experience, both in terms of hours and learning.
  15. That is exactly what I did, but not by choice. I applied during my senior year with no PCE and received only waitlists and rejections. Fast forward a year the only real change in my experience was an EMT cert and 2000+ EMT hours and I’m sitting at 3 acceptances currently. I feel I am adequately prepared to start school and have some great experience to boot. It may take a bit longer, but you’ll have a much better chance of learning and having a good application if you are able to focus on one aspect at a time. I agree with above comment, sprinkling coursework will keep your head in the academic study mode.
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