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2019-2020 Application Cycle

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12 hours ago, SecondTime said:

I’m also a second year applicant. What are your stats for this year?

Overall GPA: 3.24

sGPA: 3.20

PCT: 500 hours as a dental assistant and 1000+ hours as a float PCT (currently still working as a PCT)

HCE: 100 via an internship where I went to Athens, Greece and studied international healthcare. Also shadowed PAs for ~75 hours

Volunteer/Extracurriculars: I was on 3 executive boards during college, was a division 1 rower, and volunteered with a service dog organization on campus and also am a varsity rowing coach for a local high school

*my GPA is not super stellar due to starting college in a major that I did not belong in, so I have tried really hard to improve my application in other ways

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Good luck, i hope you make it! 😀

I have not heard yet, I wonder when they send out the rejection letters!

 Next year I will expand my college choices. For this year, I will keep working as am EMT,  I think in the interim I will get my Paramedics license to make more money also.  I am not giving up!!!  I have a 3.7, lots of experience, and it looks like I will be getting more!!     Best of luck everyone, whether you get in or not!  I believe that this life leads us to where we need to be, if we are open to it. 🧘‍♂️ 

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