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  1. Temple is my top choice, can’t wait to hear from them! Application submitted 7/15 Acknowledged 7/16 And now we wait
  2. I got this too... they said it should be viewed as a positive result and that’s what I’m going to view it as!
  3. Just submitted CASPA and supplemental. Hopefully its not too late as I had to wait to get my final transcripts with my conferred degree (couldn't request them until 6/18)
  4. “A minimum of 500 hours of documented and verifiable patient care experience is to be completed by the time of matriculation. 100 hours must be completed at time of application and 300 hours must be complete by the March 1 deadline. Applicants with compensated hours of direct patient care will have an advantage. Patient care experience is considered by two factors, quality and quantity. A heavy emphasis is placed on the quality of the experience. The program defines quality as hands on responsibility for the patient. Those that have not met the required hours by time of application must demonstrate a plan to obtain the remaining hours before classes begin if accepted into the program. Shadowing or observation is not accepted as patient care experience.” Directly from the admissions requirement page!
  5. I made sure to do my research on the program and then wrote about how the program would help me reach my goals as a PA (Clarkson is my top choice because I'm from upstate NY and already know a lot about the program) mine was a little over a page single-spaced.
  6. Does anyone know how likely it is to be pulled from the waitlist for an interview? Just received the waitlist email today.
  7. Does anyone know when they begin sending out the supplemental applications?
  8. They only invite certain applicants to complete the supplemental after reviewing the CASPA application. And then you have 30 days from when you receive the link to complete the application and mail it back
  9. I re typed everything on mine but that was just my personal preference! I also typed my supplemental! I did the whole thing yesterday and it took me a few hours but I’m going to mail it today ?
  10. I submitted 7/5, got a confirmation email on 7/23, and got the supplemental link today!
  11. Got the under review email on 8/2 and still haven't heard anything, I'm starting to go crazy
  12. Just got the confirmation email that they received my secondary application, fingers crossed!! Good luck to everyone who applied!
  13. Thank you for your response! Entering my senior year I am taking classes such as immunohematology, med micro, heme, clin chem, etc. I know I am younger so I am unable to have clinical hours due to pure lack of time (I will be 21 next month). As far as my volunteer hours go, I typically do 3-4 hours per week with Canine Companions for Independence, and organization that helps provide service dogs for children and adults with disabilities. I have heard of people applying to schools with GPAs around 3.0, so I still did apply this cycle, but I am going to continue to strengthen my application for next cycle if I don't get accepted ?
  14. Hey y’all! First time applicant here. Just got my first rejection letter (first school I’ve heard from) so I’m feeling a little down right now. I’m applying to PA school with a lower gpa and wanted to make a support/advice forum for other people in my situation. I’m just starting my senior year of undergrad and I have a cumulative CASPA gpa of 3.22. My sGPA is a 3.18, nsGPA of 3.36. My BCP total was a 3.07 because Orgo and biochemistry killed my GPA (I got a C+ and C respectively). However my other science gpa is a 3.46. As far as other stats go, I got a 300 cumulative on the GRE (148 verbal, 153 quant and 5.0 on writing) I have about 800-900 hours of HCE/PCE, 500 as a PCT and another 300-400 as a dental technician. I just accepted a scribe position and will be doing about 20 hours a week this and next semester. I also have about 150 volunteer hours and 400 leadership hours through clubs and executive boards I’ve been on. I was also a coxswain on my university division 1 rowing team for a year and a half (which is about 1200 hours of practice time and I was the leader of the boat) I would appreciate any advice/support of people who are in or have been in this situation!
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