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  1. Hi! I interviewed on the 9th and started a forum for this year, here’s the link
  2. I interviewed Saturday! I started a forum for this years cycle. Here is the link!
  3. I got this email too. Last year I didn’t and was flat out denied so i think it’s basically a “hold” and to see how many people they end up accepting from their next few interviews!
  4. Me too... but luckily I have interviews elsewhere (and ones much closer to home since I’m from the east coast)
  5. I was verified and uploaded to their system on 8/5 and just heard yesterday that I got an interview so be patient!
  6. Just got an interview offer today! I’ll be there 12/3!
  7. Haven’t heard anything yet still staying positive though!
  8. Received a supplemental offer last night!
  9. That is exactly when I applied and was verified so I understand!!
  10. Anyone that applied in July hear back yet?
  11. They called me Friday asking to submit my AP scores so I can only imagine that’s what is holding my application up. I placed out of a few prerequisites at my undergrad institution so they needed my scores
  12. Also got a rejection letter yesterday... good luck to everyone interviewing or on the wait list!
  13. I was confirmed on 7/5 and haven't heard anything yet. I am a second time applicant to Drexel, last year I was confirmed on 7/20 and rejected on 9/11
  14. I haven't, and I'm anxious because Temple is in my top 3!!!
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