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  1. Just got my acceptance call this morning!
  2. Good luck on your future endeavors!! Did you decline the offer today? I interviewed as well but got put on the wait list...hoping to maybe get some good news soon! @ShaSho
  3. For those of you who have already been accepted, do you have any tips for incoming interviewees? This is my third year applying and every time I even get an interview I end up waitlisted. Any advice you have could really help! @Laotian @PrePAlife
  4. Will be interviewing this coming Friday! Is anyone that interviewed already able to share a little bit about the interview process? Was it more relaxed, were the questions difficult?
  5. Has anyone on the waitlist heard anything yet?
  6. If you don’t mind telling me, when did you interview? And was it for the combined BS/MS program or just masters?
  7. I interviewed last Friday and also have not heard anything back yet.
  8. I heard about an interview from them last Friday (1/17).
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