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Salary and Cost of business (or financial burden) of PA owned practices

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Hello everyone,

I am a PA student who is currently working on a class presentation regarding PA owned practices.

I decided to choose the topic of salary and cost of business/financial burden of a PA owned practice, as I have a large interest/small background in entrepreneurship/business/investing, and would like to hear first hand experiences from PA's who are currently running their own PA owned practice!

I have a few questions that I was hoping everybody involved could help me with. You may answer any questions you feel comfortable with, or have the time to answer as I am sure you are very busy.

1. What is the approximate gross and net profit that you have been earning for the past 5-10 years as a PA owned practice, and please state if you are the sole stakeholder, or if there are additional stakeholders in the business as that would clear up any outlier numbers.


2. What is the approximate overhead that is typically spent for your practice (please also include the state where the practice is located), and how much money is allocated to each (does not have to be super detailed, eg. billers, MA's, rent/utilities, malpractice insurance, physician costs, licensing, office manager).


3. What insurance do you typically accept? How many of patients are cash payers?


4. Any additional tips/information that you would like to add or for students in the class to know? Any resources that you recommend me to look in to regarding the above information?


I'd like to thank everyone in advance who took the time to read this and enlighten me with your answers.

I am in the process of Googling and scouring the forums for this information, but with little luck, and feel that there is no better information than that coming straight from the people who participate in this business. I look forward to seeing your replies!

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