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  1. I would rather stick to a specialty that I love and become extremely good at it then be a jack of all trades, master of none type of PA. I have been a psych pa since graduation. No regrets. No plans to change specialties. I still have a lot to learn and grow which is very exciting!
  2. It's all about credentialing. PMHNPs can easily get credentialed by most insurance companies while PAs, FNP, CNS, etc can't.
  3. My first job as a new grad was very similar to this. So I think I can present my 2 cents to you: - Was my first job a good job? NO! 45min new eval and 15 min f/u is just not ideal even for experienced psychiatrists. - Do I regret getting that job? Not really. It was very difficult to get a job in psych as a PA. At least where I live NPs dominate the market. I'm grateful someone gave me the opportunity so I could gain experience in psych and move on. - I started seeing patients on my own on the day 2. Scary! How did I survive? I presented every single case to my CP for the first 3 months. My CP never asked to do that, but I did anyway. Sometimes I was 1+ hours behind. I didn't care. I had two goals: learning and safety. At the end of the day I would go home and study, weekends as well. Then I would go back to the office and asked my CB tons of questions. At the end of my first year I was feeling comfortable, would ask questions to my CP 1-2x per week. - Now consider this: do not go to psych for less than 6figs. I didn't. I was bringing to the company more than 1.3million per year so 6figs is fair even for a new grad. - Also this: Do not trust anyone else to diagnose your patients. The psychologists at my office would diagnose tons of my patients with MDD when in reality they had Bipolar. You need the right diagnosis to treat the patient with the right medicine. Try to treat Bipolar w/ antidepressants and you will go nowhere. - ... and a few more points: 1. Don't just add meds and more meds trying to control symptoms. I see this a lot. If somethings is not working, replace it. Your goal is to control symptoms with the least amount of meds possible. 2. Unless really needed, stay away from benzos. 3. Be kind to your patients and to yourself. - Last point: Sometimes you might feel discouraged... but if psychiatry is your passion, stick with it and know your stuff. Knowledge and kindness will take you to a better place in your professional career. Hope this was helpful.
  4. Interesting topic. What did you find out? sorry you didn't get any help around here
  5. You need 150 CMEs in Psychiatry (I believe it should be within the last 2 years), 2000 hours working in psychiatry and a physician attestation of your knowledge and skills needed for practice in psychiatry, including psychiatric assessment and treatment, psychiatric pharmacology. The psychiatrist must also attest that you have experience and competence in treating the majority of disorders including mood disorders, personality disorders, psychotic disorders, somatoform and factitious disorders, etc. ... and you needs to pass your test! Other than that, you don't need anything else. I don't know of any online program for PA to get additional training in psychiatry. Good luck!
  6. Do you think it would be helpful if I get a MFT license?
  7. I sent an email to a recruiter asking why they didn't have openings for PAs. Here is their answer: "From my understanding our group has historically hired Psych NPs and hasn’t had the need to branch out and hire PAs." I love psych but sometimes I feel I should go with a different specialty. Is there any hope for psych PAs?
  8. PsychiatricPA


    Audio Digest seems to be a good source.
  9. Anyone else? I'm surprised with >130k inpatient.
  10. How many minutes do you have for psych initial evaluation and f/u visits? Thank you!
  11. I live in OH, have no family, no children, no attachments. I'm frugal and would like to pay my student loans in at least 2 years. So my plan is to move to a PA friendly State where taxes are low and where I can make good $$, but I' not sure where. Any suggestions? I'm paying more than $2K in taxes every month. It sucks!
  12. Please go to glassdoor, indeed and write your review. I think this is a great way to let others know about these companies.
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