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Trouble inputting lab grades with 0 credit hours?

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This might have been already covered somewhere in the forum but I could not find the thread so forgive me if this question has already been answered...

My question is how do you input grades into CASPA for a lab that goes with a course for example Biology I that is listed on the transcript as 0 credit hours with no grade and just says "LAB"

For example one course on my transcript looks like this...

Principles of Chemistry I - 4 credits - B

Principles of Chemistry I Lab - 0 credits - 0.00 LAB

The same thing occurs for a couple other biology and chemistry courses so I'm not sure if I should carry that "B" from the lecture and also place it as the same grade as the LAB considering the lab grade is actually embedded within the lecture grade or should I utilize the NG function? I've attempted to leave the grade blank but CASPA obviously requires a value to be input into the column. I really just don't want to mess up any these values prior to submitting so any help would be greatly appreciated! 

Thank You!

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If the lab is listed separately, just put 0 credits and a grade of CR for "credit."


On 5/16/2019 at 11:24 AM, VAgirl89 said:

I had the same issue but with E's. I read somewhere to put E's as Fs but I passed the class so I'm still confused....The lab was just included with in the four credits. 

Many schools use E as the failing grade instead of F. Look on the back of your transcript to see what E means. If it is just means pass, put P for pass or if it just means credit put CR. CASPA looks at the grade definitions on the back for grades that are not A-F.

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