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  1. I have only had issues with general biology 125, not biochem or ochem through doane.
  2. Hi all, CASPA made a huge mistake on my application. They have now fixed it, but I do not want this happening to anyone else. I did type my transcript entry and had my pre-pa adviser double check for me prior to submission. CASPA removed my Microbiology grade (it was down at the bottom of the transcript) and CASPA had replaced it with the last class from the term of the school. So for ex. it replaced it with a sociology course. They had already had it counted in the CASPA grade so it was a huge mess. Just wanted to say to double check everything! I was almost not even looked at because CASPA had made an error.
  3. Hi All, First of all I love Doane and there courses. Some PA schools have been particular about Doane's classes. I had one program said they would not accept me because of the Biology 125: General Biology ( because it didn't state intended for health science major and my instructor says it is). I just wanted to give people a heads up. I do not see much about this on this forum and just wanted to give people a heads up. I know some schools look at things differently. This biology was a repeat for a higher grade and the school is aware I have taken a biology course for health sciences. I've not had any issue with their upper level courses Biochemistry or Ochem. Their labs are fairly hands on. Good luck to everyone applying this term.
  4. I think if you are still on it would count as one. If you are no longer on that rescue squad I would not put it as membership. Maybe put your rescue squad association for the state instead?
  5. I have an academic warning on my transcript. Would you say you have an academic infraction? Caspa described an infarction as probation. I got my GPA up quickly the next semester so was out of any danger GPA wise.
  6. Is it fine to email the CASPA transcript matching form to the school I need sent to CASPA? It seems like everyone is going to some sort of record process service. Also, I'm sure we have to pay the fee for the transcript to be sent how do we know if it will be properly processed as a CASPA transcript? I may be reading into this too much. So just trying to get some clarification.
  7. I had the same issue but with E's. I read somewhere to put E's as Fs but I passed the class so I'm still confused....The lab was just included with in the four credits.
  8. I have 7+ transcripts and am looking into letting the professionals enter the courses manually due to the number of transcripts. Who has used them and do you feel they were accurate? I am okay for spending money but want to make sure everything is getting put in correctly. Thoughts on the professional grades entry on CASPA?
  9. Hi all, So I am filling out my CASPA application (being very careful in what I put since CASPA is finicky like that!) I work at bedside care (not an RN) and am wondering would I put that as PCE or HCE (or both)? I also have been an EMT for over 7 years. Trying to do this application very thorough and careful.
  10. Thank you! I've freaked about the waiting with how much there is on here about applying early!
  11. Hi all, I am just retaking some of my science classes from freshman year of college from where I lacked study skills. These classes end May 20th. Is it still safe to apply then or should I apply when it opens? My GPA will be over 3.0 then. I am looking into schools who are looking as a whole not so much GPA. Would it be safe to wait and apply in May? Thank you.
  12. They are horrible. Go with the Doane route if possible. Money wise they are similar in comparison. I will not be taking another UNE course again.
  13. I took chemistry at UNE and got a C- like you. I took a genetics class at Doane to test to see how the classes were. They are much better. They have a lot more assignments involved so tests aren't soley your grades. However, with that said Doane does use blackboard and there has been some issues with blackboard this semester. Overall, the professors are willing to work with you through that. I made a B in Genetics and currently have an A in General Biology (retake). I'm taking a couple more classes in march and will have Biochemistry as my one preq in process. I've made an A or B in every science class I have taken once I got my act together. I was not a fan of Chemistry at UNE. I second Doane.
  14. I've seen some people get in with Masters of Public Health degrees would that be beneficial?
  15. I would still need the last 45 credits (as some schools focus the last 45-60 credits) and that is basically the same amount of a bachelors degree. Only started to focus the last year of school. I did volunteer EMS while I was in school so that took time away from studying.
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