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  1. Hi Everybody! I was wondering how accurate practice tests were for the GRE compared to the real thing and which diagnostic practice tests you felt gave an accurate baseline to go off of to create a study plan. For example I used the Manhattan Prep Free Diagnostic Practice Test and scored 150Q/153V = 303 and decided against doing the writing. Should I use this as a solid baseline for studying or take a different practice test to establish this? Also what updated materials are best for studying for the GRE? I've heard multiple opinions but I'd like to hear from those with proven success/ results. Thanks!
  2. I've received mixed responses from people I've talked to in the past so I figured I'd ask the PA community on here. How heavily weighted do you think volunteer hours are in an "accepted" PA school application. I know many schools don't exactly require them but it seems as if most accepted or competitive students have several hundreds/thousands of hours. If you believe they are weighted significantly what would be the approximate number? Thanks in advanced for your help!
  3. I've heard the same regarding the GRE. They're to either do away with it or replace it something that is better gauged towards the PA profession. But I do understand the GRE being a mole hill compared to the rest of the entire mountainous process of getting accepted into PA school and THEN passing the PANCE. It's all a process that everyone has to go through regardless how pointless a criteria might be.
  4. It's all good. Thank you for all your help I do really appreciate your help/advice!
  5. I don't think I ever mentioned the PANCE being "easy" I think what I have found is a path less followed that seems to end in the same manner as those who've taken the GRE which is admittance to a program and a future in the PA profession. There's no wrong rationalization here. These are facts. 1/3 of schools are not requiring it and to your surprise less are going to probably require it moving forward to focus on more defining metrics (GPA, PCE Hours, Volunteering, etc). As I mentioned in the initial post I don't mind continuing to study for the GRE and seeing what happens but I wanted to get other opinions weigh my options and utilize my time as efficient as possible. I guess as the saying goes in regard to your particular "opinion" on this would be "you can't teach an old dog new tricks" whereas quite typically the path less traveled leads you to a beautiful destination. But I do appreciate your 2 cents! :)
  6. It's probably been an inconsistent 6 months but yes. Especially the quant. Everything else doesn't seem to be terrible. I'm not worried about this "hellish time" with the PANCE given it's going to be over material pertaining to something I'm passionate about and interested in that actually pertains to a future career. Not the variety of ways to disguise the way of finding the circumference of a circle. It seems like a useless metric which approximately 1/3 of schools have indicated. The people I've talked to on admissions committees at schools who even require it have said the GRE for them has been basically a "check mark" on a students application not exactly a defining characteristic on whom they decide on admitting. Hence the reason I've been debating this decision.
  7. I've studied for the GRE with Magoosh for probably 6 months and it's been an extremely ineffective studying strategy when I could have allocated my time else where. All of the material I was supposed to "learn" or "refresh" never actually stuck so instead of wasting another application cycle I figured it might be more rational to aim for those schools that do not require the GRE this cycle. I also have several schools on my list that do not require the GRE and I have minimal volunteer hours at the moment while my PCE continues to increase working in a hospital so that's why I was asking about the alternative.
  8. So recently I've come across a lot of information regarding schools and the GRE where approximately 1/3 of PA schools DO NOT require the GRE. Would it be smart if I have not taken the GRE yet to just consider not taking it all together, allocate my time focusing on increasing my volunteer work/ HCE hours and just apply to those schools earlier on in the application cycle that do not require the GRE? Or would it be in my best interest to just study for the test, hopefully score well and broaden the spectrum of schools I'm able to apply to and it be farther into the application deadline? There seems to be a rational logic with both options but I'd definitely appreciate opinions or any other insight regarding this reasoning good or bad! Thank you!
  9. This might have been already covered somewhere in the forum but I could not find the thread so forgive me if this question has already been answered... My question is how do you input grades into CASPA for a lab that goes with a course for example Biology I that is listed on the transcript as 0 credit hours with no grade and just says "LAB" For example one course on my transcript looks like this... Principles of Chemistry I - 4 credits - B Principles of Chemistry I Lab - 0 credits - 0.00 LAB The same thing occurs for a couple other biology and chemistry courses so I'm not sure if I should carry that "B" from the lecture and also place it as the same grade as the LAB considering the lab grade is actually embedded within the lecture grade or should I utilize the NG function? I've attempted to leave the grade blank but CASPA obviously requires a value to be input into the column. I really just don't want to mess up any these values prior to submitting so any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank You!
  10. Okay great! So in that case if I have done a retake for a specific class I should assign the higher of the two grades in the prerequisite grade column right? Or like you said initially just check with the school ahead of time just to be sure considering each school is different. Thank you so much for your help!
  11. Okay great so basically it's up to the school I'm applying to but both scenarios are possible correct? Also, this may sound dumb but I know most schools only require Organic Chem I (4 semester hours) but not Organic Chem II. If I have grades for both (OCHEM 1 = B & OCHEM 2 = C) and the only prereq is for 1 will they attempt to average both courses together for that prereq or just take my first OCHEM 1 semester course and not the other which should allow me to meet their minimum B- requirement? Thank you for all your help!
  12. Hi to whom anyone that will help me!!! It's to my understanding most schools have a minimum prerequisite GPA of 3.0 as well as saying grades with a B-/C/C- will not be accepted for prerequisite courses. My question is if say I received a C in medical terminology and then retook the course to get an A how would that factor into the prerequisite GPA requirement for that institution? Would both grades be averaged into say a (B) or would they take the higher of the two grades to meet that requirement and the GPA? Also for 8 semester hour courses for example A&P I/II if i received an (A) in A&P I but a C in A&P II for that requirement would they take my A&P I but not my A&P II if the institution required only grades above a C to count? Or would they average the two courses together into one entity to satisfy the requirement? Any help with this slightly convoluted question would help me immensely and I would greatly appreciate it!!! Thank you so much!
  13. Okay that definitely gives me a sigh of relief. What schools would you recommend off the top of your head? I have a running list of schools currently that I'm interested in and I have researched schools that seems to require a lower minimum GPA such as a 2.75 or so but I'm not sure as to some of the better programs that would look at my application "holistically" versus more statistically based. As far as the LOR those are just the references I can receive them from. So you are all saying utilize the letters from the professionals (Surgeons & PA's) considering they would hold more weight to an admissions committee versus my undergraduate professors? I've also ran into a couple schools that did not require the GRE...Is there some sort of "catch" to these schools seeing as the majority have the GRE as a requirement? Lastly, where did all of you end up deciding on going to PA school at? Thank you all so much for your helpful advice and kind words, I appreciate it so much!
  14. Hi Everyone! I'll try to keep it short, so here's my stats. Undergraduate GPA from University of Cincinnati (Health Sciences Degree): 3.54 Self Calculated (Approximate) CASPA Non Science GPA: 3.578 Self Calculated (Approximate) CASPA Science GPA: 3.232 I've retaken some courses in which I initially had some "C's" in at a CC which I'm assuming is going to be considered Post Bacc work in which I've received a 4.0 I still have C's on my transcript for the following courses from back in Freshmen-Sophomore year: Organic II, Physics II, Exercise Physiology & Algebra II Direct Patient Care Hours: 2700+ Orthopedic Technician in pediatrics Shadowing Hours: Orthopedic Surgeon/ PA: 100+ Volunteer Hours: 50 LOR: 3 Surgeons, 2 PA's, 2 Professors "Positive Upward GPA trend from Fresh - Senior Year." GRE: Not taken yet Realistically, given my current profile aside from knowing I need to score high on the GRE. Do I have a chance of/ what are my odds of getting into a PA School or what can I do to improve my resume for admission. Any & ALL advice/help regardless of how harsh or critical it might be is greatly appreciated!
  15. Thanks again for everyone's responses thus far! They're all really starting to clear the air a little bit. So it seems as if the consensus is to retake these courses whether at a CC or not. Or go the Post Bacc route. Boost the GPA, get additional volunteering, shadowing and contact the PA Programs that I'm trying to get into to get their opinion on my current situation. Markmass, you're right, i dont know why that slipped my mind but obviously retaking classes would give me a new professor to connect with and hopefully get a new LOR from the academic side of things considering all I would have is from a professional standpoint. Also if i retake these courses get the "A's" I'm striving for, do you think I'd even be competitive still given that CASPA will just average those courses together? Like you said, JD2012, it might only bring my science GPA up to a 3.20ish range in which most PA programs have matriculation averages in the 3.5 range for both cumulative & science. Lastly, considering I work directly with orthopedic surgeons and PA's every single day...In order to get additional "shadowing" experience from a PA should I go else where to shadow or keep shadowing the same PA's I work with? (I know it sounds like a stupid question). Thanks again for your guys responses, I really appreciate those and anyone else that would be willing to give me any more additional advice on where to also go from here. Thank you so much!
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