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Rheumatology Offer - New Graduate

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Hey Guys! 

I wanted to thank everyone for all the feedback thus far. I am fortunate to have another offer which I am hoping you guys would be willing to review. I am a new grad.


-100k base with 5k quarterly bonus based on learning goals (it is normally based on volume, but she is considering I am a new graduate and wants the first year to be about learning vs seeing patients) - 120K for the year as long as I meet some set goals that are within reason (according to her, she will better define in the written). Next year we will renegotiate to volume based

-Medical, dental, vision coverage

-Licenses reimbursed

-Malpractice covered (she is unsure which she has, she will get back to me)

-CME- generally it is $1500. However, this year as a new grad, she would like to pick out a rheumatology course for me to attend and gain CME from (which she will sponsor). Next year we will renegotiate to a normal CME package

-Up To Date Access

-PTO - 2 weeks (1 week has to be Christmas week, which is fine since I have a lot of familial obligations at that time)

-Disability covered

Is there anything else I should request? I feel this is super solid and am much happier with this offer. Please let me know if I missed anything.  I have not yet received the written offer. This was verbal. I will be taking it to an attorney and the AAPA recommended contract reviewer (unless you guys think I am being too much).

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Seems like a solid offer. Specialty clinic with education goals for a new grad with decent base plus bonus and benefits. Hard to complain. 

You might ask for a path for benefits after first year. Get the info on retirement benefits. 

UTD is $500/year if I recall and an excellent resource. Plus getting a funded CME course. Unless the course is local that could total well over $1k if travel is covered. 

Hopefully there is clarity on the "educational goals" for the quarterly bonus. Make sure this is spelled out. 

I like the renegotiate second year. If you meet your goals you become much more valuable to the practice. That should lead to a nice bump in base pay. 

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Thank you everyone! I am much happier with this offer.

There is no 401k or retirement which is a down side. She said she is considering it but it's currently not on the table.

I will see if I can renegotiate the paid time off.

She said she would try to better define the bonuses in the actual contract so hopefully it won't be crazy hard to get. She said it wouldn't be.

Thanks again guys!


Edit: I just want to update my final negotiation in case others want to use this as a reference.

I ended up negotiating another week into PTO. So total is 2 weeks PTO, 1 week Sick, 1 week CME, 1 week for Christmas, 1 week for 4th of July (a this year thing, may not be for next year)

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