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  1. Thank you for the reply, Rev Ronin! I’ll look but keep my expectations low!
  2. When I was in school, I had both. SmartyPance is good for quick, straight forward questions. Something for you to learn the bolded words quickly. Rosh is better for more in depth questions and answers. I shared a Smarty Pance account for 5 or so other classmates so we could split the cost. Your score won't be accurate but I don't think that's super important for this one. I advise you should have your own Rosh to keep an eye on your score so you can correlate (with a large grain of salt) on how you'd do on the PANCE. Good luck!
  3. Hi All! I am really interested in doing sleep medicine. Part of my practice involved counseling patients on perfect sleep hygiene and forming the "habit of sleep". When patients comply and do it well, I find it a really satisfying aspect of my position. Thus, my interest in sleep medicine. I know about the AASM's PA/NP Course which I plan on taking to make myself a more competitive applicant. My question is this: Anyone here practicing sleep medicine TELEMEDICINE? I also wish to transition to full time telemedicine. I have been doing it now due to COVID but it will end with the end of the pandemic. (I know... it won't happen for a long, LONG time. But insurances are already not reimbursing for the telehealth - UHC - so we are transitioning back into in office). I found that I work really well remotely and have found it to be significantly less stressful. I want to continue with it. Is it possible to find a position in sleep medicine that is fully remote. If so, any advice on where to look? I have been on the hunt through recruiters, AASM, PAVMT, etc and have had minimal luck. So I am wondering if it is even a thing? Thank you all in advance!
  4. Thank you everyone! I am much happier with this offer. There is no 401k or retirement which is a down side. She said she is considering it but it's currently not on the table. I will see if I can renegotiate the paid time off. She said she would try to better define the bonuses in the actual contract so hopefully it won't be crazy hard to get. She said it wouldn't be. Thanks again guys! Edit: I just want to update my final negotiation in case others want to use this as a reference. I ended up negotiating another week into PTO. So total is 2 weeks PTO, 1 week Sick, 1 week CME, 1 week for Christmas, 1 week for 4th of July (a this year thing, may not be for next year)
  5. Hey Guys! I wanted to thank everyone for all the feedback thus far. I am fortunate to have another offer which I am hoping you guys would be willing to review. I am a new grad. Rheumatology: -100k base with 5k quarterly bonus based on learning goals (it is normally based on volume, but she is considering I am a new graduate and wants the first year to be about learning vs seeing patients) - 120K for the year as long as I meet some set goals that are within reason (according to her, she will better define in the written). Next year we will renegotiate to volume based -Medical, dental, vision coverage -Licenses reimbursed -Malpractice covered (she is unsure which she has, she will get back to me) -CME- generally it is $1500. However, this year as a new grad, she would like to pick out a rheumatology course for me to attend and gain CME from (which she will sponsor). Next year we will renegotiate to a normal CME package -Up To Date Access -PTO - 2 weeks (1 week has to be Christmas week, which is fine since I have a lot of familial obligations at that time) -Disability covered Is there anything else I should request? I feel this is super solid and am much happier with this offer. Please let me know if I missed anything. I have not yet received the written offer. This was verbal. I will be taking it to an attorney and the AAPA recommended contract reviewer (unless you guys think I am being too much).
  6. Good evening, everyone! I got a job offer for internal medicine. I have a feeling it is a bad contract, but I thought I would throw it out here regardless. I'd appreciate any feedback! Please and thank you! -$52/hr -2 weeks vacation, 3 weeks vacation by year 3; 5 National Holidays -%3 raise yearly -Noncompete clause - no primary care within a 10 mile radius - NO CME; License Reimbursement; Any subscriptions; Health insurance Hours are 9 to 5:30 with a 30 minute lunch, dedicated MA, avg 18 patients per day. He wanted me to start at $48 but then upped that. I think this is not a great package. But maybe I am being too greedy? I am new grad so I am not sure when I am asking for too much. This is a small private practice and he says he does not have a huge profit margin.
  7. That’s my biggest concern! I didn’t think it through since I was originally to shadow. Is there anything I can do for the past 3 days? I can’t believe I was so stupid. He has never had a PA before so I should have been more cautious. I obviously will not be continuing this. But is there a way I can fix what I have already done?
  8. Thank you both! I am licensed. I am also concerned for the malpractice. Can the patients sue me? Even though I did not sign the chart and the NP was there the whole time? Should I be worried about this biting my behind later?
  9. Hi All! I have a question on how malpractice works. For background: I have been doing a working interview for the past 3 days. I was originally supposed to just shadow but I ended up seeing patients. It is a 2 NP and 1 MD internal medicine practice. The NP who I am replacing likes me so she encouraged me to see patients with her and write notes so he can see my abilities and lead to an offer. So I "saw" patients with her. She signed the notes but my name is in the notes like you would a student. We had malpractice insurance in PA school but I did not have anything to cover me during this interview. Have I made a grave mistake? She says the doctor cosigns all of the NPs notes. Another question I have: I did a working interview for 3 days. They have another working interview with someone else tomorrow. He requested I continue my working interview next week... He says he will pay me and cover my malpractice during that time.... I feel like this is way too long of an interview but am I being impatient? I am a new graduate and I currently am jobless. So I could just do the interview, take the money, and cut my losses if he goes with someone else. But then the con is, I won't have time to apply elsewhere. Can I just get your opinions on this? I feel like this is strange and I am rather frustrated at the situation.
  10. If you had all outpatient rotations, I would recommend an inpatient one. I did ICU and it was an incredible experience. It was my only inpatient setting, and there's a huge different between inpatient vs outpatient. Unless you absolutely have no interest in inpatient ever, or have had one already, it's a good rotation to have under your belt.
  11. Hello! I was always able to pass my EORs just from going through the topic sheet. I used Pance Prep Pearls to study each diagnosis. As for clinical, psych isn't a very demanding rotation in general. So I wouldn't stress too much about it and just study as you have for your other rotations. Those are my two cents. Of course, it depends on your study style and your preceptor most. So do what's best for you. I hope this helps!
  12. Thank you all so much for the feedback. I really appreciate it! It’s definitely a mistake I won’t repeat in the future.
  13. Hi all! I am looking for a bit of advice. Some background: I had my first interview today (with the office manager) for an internal medicine clinic. I am a new grad and got cold feet during the interview when asked about salary. I tried to deflect but he insisted on a hard number. So I said $100,000 "negotiable". I am located in Southern California. Is it possible for me to renegotiate when I already said $100,000? I meant negotiable as in up or down.... But I realize it came off as I would take less. Or was I right to ask for this amount and I am being too greedy? I don't have any specifics yet or benefits or even a job offer. I just want to know if I can renegotiate if they offer less than $100,000 or if I've boxed myself in. And if I can, any advice on how to go about it? It feels terribly awkward now.... Thanks in advanced!
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