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Comparison of material

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Hi everyone,

I am currently watching my sister navigate her way through her first year of medical school. It has started to intimidate me a little as I expect PA school is not far off in regard to content. She is spending almost every spare minute of her time studying to pass her classes. I have no expectation of PA school being easy at all. However, I am wondering if I should expect my life to look like a first year medical school student in regard to the amount of material I am expected to absorb and understand. Thank you!

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Frankly, yes.  Maybe even more.

While med students may go more in depth into the nitty gritty details, we pack didactic into 1 year.  When they say it's like drinking from a fire hose they aren't kidding.

You will have exams often, multiple each week, essentially in class like a full time job and studying outside of that.  Granted it can obviously be done and everyone's level of intensity varies.  It is what you make it.  I'm sure you could compare your sister to other med students in her class and see that everyone approaches it differently.  Same for PA school.  Some spend all waking hours studying, some find a balance, and others make it look easy.  

Clinical year is more fun but same thing - you're essentially working full time and studying in your free time.

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You'll probably have to wait for someone who went to both to comment, but here is what I've concluded from talking with med students:

- They probably have more material and more time to study it (essentially 2 years didactic and 2 years mostly clinical vs our 1-1.5 years didactic and 1 year clinical).

-Still, with the decreased time we have, it will come fast and furious enough!

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