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I was curious as to how many volunteer hours you guys have. I was rejected from a school (with no interview) that last year I was priority wait listed at. When I sent an e-mail asking what I can do to improve for next year they said more volunteer hours (it seemed like a very generic e-mail though, like he didn't even look at my application before responding). I have 811 volunteer hours on my application  this cycle ( a mixture of long term and short term hours in settings such as QRU (quick response unit, help people who call 911 in a rural setting before the ambulance arrives), Sleep in Heavenly Peace (we make and deliver beds for kids who are otherwise sleeping on the floor), local school (helping kids learn to read that are struggling), medical clinic in Guatemala, special Olympics, some hours from volunteering at my church, and some others areas as well).  I thought 811 hours was high (especially since I got an interview last year with less hours).  What are your thoughts??

Other stats

GPA: 3.4

HCE: approx 7000


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