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  1. Hey Guys congratulations on your up coming interview!! I am a current student, and my advice for the interview (as lame as this sounds) is just be yourself. They already know that they like you on paper, and now they want to get to meet you as a person. As far as actually preparing for the interview, I would suggest preparing how you would for any other interview (look up most common question and practice answering them). Even if the questions you have practiced aren't asked at your interview it will get you in the right mind set. Something I did is I looked at each school I interviewed at's mission statements, and from there I picked 2 or 3 examples of how I was a good fit for the school based on their mission statement. This helped me get more in the right mind set at each school.
  2. My program has us use a MacBook Air (and examplify). I was also a windows user, but the transition to a MacBook was actually really easy, and the battery life is long. I would recommend the MacBook to anyone.
  3. Also, I wouldn't buy much just yet. My school require specific brands of some things (like the otoscope/ophthalmoscope ).
  4. Thank you!! I'm so excited. Good luck in your other program, you'll do awesome.
  5. I also received a call this morning and plan to accept! I'm super excited.
  6. I was curious as to how many volunteer hours you guys have. I was rejected from a school (with no interview) that last year I was priority wait listed at. When I sent an e-mail asking what I can do to improve for next year they said more volunteer hours (it seemed like a very generic e-mail though, like he didn't even look at my application before responding). I have 811 volunteer hours on my application this cycle ( a mixture of long term and short term hours in settings such as QRU (quick response unit, help people who call 911 in a rural setting before the ambulance arrives), Sleep in Heavenly Peace (we make and deliver beds for kids who are otherwise sleeping on the floor), local school (helping kids learn to read that are struggling), medical clinic in Guatemala, special Olympics, some hours from volunteering at my church, and some others areas as well). I thought 811 hours was high (especially since I got an interview last year with less hours). What are your thoughts?? Other stats GPA: 3.4 HCE: approx 7000
  7. http://paprogramsearch.com/search/ I would recommend looking at this website and see where you stand right now with the classes you have. This website isn't fail proof, but I've found it helpful in my search for classes that I need. After that I would look at the schools that are your top chooses and see what their requirements are and go from there. I would recommend finding a local school and doing in person classes, because some schools won't allow online labs. However, that is not always doable in every situation. If you'd prefer online the two most common school I see for online is UNE and DOANE. Good luck.
  8. I don't know the probability of getting off the waitlist, and I think it changes every year. Sadly they don't tell you where you sit on the list. I didn't know I wasn't accepted off the waitlist until the cohort started school. It was a long wait.
  9. Nothing here either. Really hoping to get in off the waitlist as well!!
  10. Glad to know I'm not the only one that has checked this forum for an update about 150 times so far.
  11. I think we all made their decision hard! There was not one person I met that I wasn't impressed with. It was a great group of people. Good luck to everyone!
  12. Hey do you mind sharing what time you got your waitlist email?
  13. Rejected as well, but thats ok it wasnt my top choice. Congrats to all those with an invite to interview.
  14. That's amazing!! Congrats. I wonder if the rest of us will hear today as well.
  15. I am wondering the same, also did they mention in any of the interviews what day we should find out where we sit? In my interview they just said "mid-sept".
  16. I just got an e-mail from Rocky Mountain saying that my application and GRE scores have been received and verified, which is weird because I submitted on 6/15 and was verified on 6/17 making sure to meet the early application deadline. Has anyone else who meet that early deadline received the same e-mail? This is my number 1 school (I actually was on the priority waitlist last year) and am really hoping to get an early interview. Edited to add: I'm sure it just means that they are looking at the early applications to see who gets an interview (because the normal application deadline isn't for awhile still). Just wondering what you guys think.
  17. Just received my supplemental today. Took about 6-7 weeks after my CASPA was received by them. Hopefully I'll see some of you at an interview in a couple months.
  18. How did the interview go for those that interviewed this week? Also, how long did you guys have to wait between getting the email that said you had an interview and the email with the interview dates? I've been waiting a week and still dont have my intweview dates, so I plan to email them today and ask about it.
  19. I have the same issue. I'm debating between just leaving it as my graduation date, or adding the same school a second time for all my post graduate classes (that what I think I'll end up doing unless hearing otherwise).
  20. Did they. Tell you which part of Aug the interviews would be (early vs late?)? Just curious.
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