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It Can Be Done!! Read you contract!

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So I am in the process (in reality it is now concluded) of accepting a new job.  Same day as the interview they offered me the job providing a term sheet which showed the highlights of the salary, benefits, malpractice, non-compete etc.  After talking back and forth regarding simplifying the income (getting rid of loan repayment, commencement bonus, etc.) and PTO I verbally accepted the position and waited for the contract to be sent.  I spent some time reading, and re-reading the contract and am very glad I did.  The non-compete changed from the terms sheet to the contract and not in a good way.

Term Sheet: non-compete 2 years within 37 miles from main hospital campus (I'll be working in a satellite family practice office about 15-20 miles from main hospital campus)

Contract: non-compete 2 years within 37 miles from main hospital campus AND satellite office - effectively increasing the radius by 15-20 miles

In all honesty the non-compete is likely far too restrictive and therefore not enforceable in my state even without the change, but I mentioned to them the discrepancy between term sheet and contract.  They immediately apologized giving a valid reason for the change and fixed the problem.


So, I have posted a thread previously telling people to READ THEIR CONTRACTS, but it is also possible to negotiate (within reason) and point out discrepancies!

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If you read through the posts of people posting contracts they regularly lament the idea that you can't negotiate with a larger hospital system - especially when it comes to non-competes, PTO, and salary.  I was successful with all three.  Doesn't mean all with do that, but as long as you are thoughtful in the way you discuss and explain why it makes sense then it doesn't hurt to ask.

I apologize if my thought process didn't come through all that clearly.

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