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Urgent Care offer for newish grad

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Hello all,

I recently received a job offer for UC but am a little hesitant, and I would greatly appreciate your input. For some background: I have been working in a surgical sub-specialty for 9 months since graduation. My current work environment is pretty toxic which is why I am considering leaving prior to the 1 year mark. I'm in a major city with a high COL. 

$60/ hour which is equivalent to $130,000 (I currently make $90,000 salaried)
Additional $10 per hour OT differential
84 hours biweekly: 12 hour shifts, alternating weeks of 3 and 4 shifts, work every other weekend. (I currently work M-F, >50 hrs/week)
Solo provider; support staff include a nurse and a radiology tech
6 Training shifts of 4-6 hours only
$1200 CME per year
4 weeks PTO
Malpractice with tail 
Eligible for Health, Dental and Vision Benefits
Eligible for the 401K fully vested match, match 100% up to first 3%, then 50% for the next 2%
STD, LTD and Basic Life fully funded
Eligible for 2 Monthly Bonus Programs
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that is a very short training period that raises a red flag especially because you have less than 9 months total exp and haven't worked this kind of medicine. How many patients per day on avg? Solo provider raises an even bigger red flag. Doesn't sound like the best environment for a new grad

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They state the clinic sees between 12-25 patients on average in a 12 hour shift. Max was 35.

The short training period also worries me...

They say that the supervising physician is always available and I can always call the other UCs to speak with the provider there. Still makes me nervous

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