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  1. Now that you're at the end, how would you compare yourself today to the other PAs at areas you have moonlighted that did not do a residency? Are you quicker than they are? Pick up the more complex patients?
  2. I've heard of new grad NPs in Iowa making 120k in psych. I'm a PA and I will make less than that 1 year out. I know i applied to a few psych jobs in the midwest but they wanted experience or listing was for a NP.
  3. anyone have luck using other browsers? won't let me download
  4. mine hasn't been working either, i've used safari and firefox.
  5. What if you didn't have benefits through your wife? you would be paying a lot out of pocket for benefits. I would req more money due to no health benefits. 20 patients a day? that is A LOT even for experienced folk. Is this 10 hour days? if so, thats more reasonable. if 8 hour days, that would be hard to do.
  6. 70/hr seems like a great rate, how many patients per shift? per hour? these numbers are critical to know. Chart time? How many vacay days?
  7. Yeah, i think thats a solid offer, i'd take it!
  8. Bonus structure? That offer is similar to the one i had as a new grad in Iowa last year. $54/hour with shift diff and RVU bonus potential. I would ask them to specify the training process. Are you going to be presenting patients for first 2 months? Following around at first? Thats the most important part as a new grad.
  9. is bonus yearly? or quarterly? How many patients per day?
  10. Has anyone completed an ortho residency or know someone that has? I know there aprox 5-6 residencies available and i was wondering what your experience was like. Thanks in advanced.
  11. You're my favorite internet person of the day. You just reminded me I have half eaten ice cream cup in my freezer. Thank you. I work in ortho surgery. I often give work notes. I do not give pain meds >4-6 weeks after surgery. I have yet to write for temporary handicap pass. Our office handles all FMLA, disability stuff etc.
  12. What area of the country is this? Big group? Perhaps have bonus be structured like 15% of collections after your salary/overhead. This is how our group is set up.
  13. Are there other PAs in practice? if so, might be hard for them to pay you call if they aren't paying others extra. FWIW our call pay is as follows: $200/if you get called in during week and $250 on weekend day. If no surgery, then you only get $75/125
  14. When i started as a new grad, i took ortho offer about 4 hours from where you are. salary was 88k, 3 weeks PTO, 2500 CME, call pay was paid separate and comes out to about 10k a year. bonus is set up to be 15% of collections after your salary/overhead.
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