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  1. To the young PAs out there, open roth IRA, max it out and enjoy compound interest. Vanguard is great, has very low fees and you get select a target date retirement fund that changes allocation from stocks to bonds as you get closer to retirement.
  2. I disagree with ppl telling you to get a rental. This is the worst time to have money timed up in a non-liquid asset. Who knows, there may be reduced hours for you in the future. Cash is king, keep the majority, invest some of it and apply some to your loans now.
  3. What would you do in the following scenario: You, as a PA, are pregnant in the first trimester. Your hospital is now accepting COVID patients on your floor. You have previously not had to take COVID patients. What do you do in this scenario? Leave of absence? Obviously try to not take COVID patients but your coworkers will be working with COVID19 patients and you will interact with them. I know there isn't a lot of a data on COVID and pregnancy so its hard to know how serious it is/will be for the developmental stages of the baby. For those of you who work in OB/GYN, what do you tell your patients who are pregnant and are healthcare workers like nurses? How would this change if this was your wife and she was a healthcare worker?
  4. I assume there are benefits like health insurance/PTO/401k etc? If so, that sounds like a great offer.
  5. Maxed roth IRA january 1st in a target date retirement fund thru vanguard. Still contributing to 401k thru work, won't max this year as I'm hitting loans hard.
  6. Do you have a family? Will you have to relocate? Can you postpone the residency until next year? If not, I do not think that would look bad on your resume at all. If you plan on leaving for residency, I would not say anything right now if you need the income. The probation period is there for a reason.
  7. our structure is 15% of collections after salary/overhead/benefits distributed quarterly.
  8. unless he's seeing a bunch of postops in the global period. I would make sure you are seeing new patients in order to be able to hit the bonus numbers.
  9. i did the 20 year or 30 year plan (don't remember which) but i pay 1000k more per month than the minimum and apply it to highest interest loan. That way, I am reducing future interest while still being flexible in case I need extra money for car repair, house repair etc. I had about 88k in loans when i graduated, minimum is like $500 a month, i pay 1500k a month and have paid close to 18k towards loans this year thus far. Still have saved up quite a bit in my bank and maxed my roth IRA. The key here is to make sure you overpay, otherwise, you will definitely overpay in the future with all the interest.
  10. Now that you're at the end, how would you compare yourself today to the other PAs at areas you have moonlighted that did not do a residency? Are you quicker than they are? Pick up the more complex patients?
  11. I've heard of new grad NPs in Iowa making 120k in psych. I'm a PA and I will make less than that 1 year out. I know i applied to a few psych jobs in the midwest but they wanted experience or listing was for a NP.
  12. anyone have luck using other browsers? won't let me download
  13. mine hasn't been working either, i've used safari and firefox.
  14. What if you didn't have benefits through your wife? you would be paying a lot out of pocket for benefits. I would req more money due to no health benefits. 20 patients a day? that is A LOT even for experienced folk. Is this 10 hour days? if so, thats more reasonable. if 8 hour days, that would be hard to do.
  15. 70/hr seems like a great rate, how many patients per shift? per hour? these numbers are critical to know. Chart time? How many vacay days?
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