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  1. Our hours so far have been cut by nearly 50%, but I have a feeling I will be furloughed very soon. Never thought I'd be in this position as a medical provider. I'm just thankful we didn't end up buying a house last month like we had planned.
  2. I suppose if it's technically legal to sign off on someone else's physical, I'm still uncomfortable with the liability should he be involved in a medically related accident. I will have to make it a personal rule that they either have to repeat the physical with me or just see the provider who performed the physical. If anyone can provide any insight to the legality aspect too, I would greatly appreciate it!
  3. I just wanted a few other opinions regarding this situation. Pt had a DOT exam with a different provider and came in to make some corrections. His HR wanted it to be corrected from Federal to State instead which would require filling out the State long form and a new DOT card. I advised the patient that as I was not the examining provider, the correction would need to be made and the form and card signed by the examining provider. I gave them the date the provider was next in office. My employer is telling me I should have just signed off on the new forms as it was a completed exam. I disagree. It wasn't in pending status where I could complete the remainder, it was a completed physical. Does anyone know the legality of this?
  4. I've had a handful of flu As and 2 or 3 flu Bs so far (Eastern MA).
  5. I work in Urgent Care and was offered a per diem position at a different UC facility. They're still in the process of working out how malpractice insurance is going to work out and if they will be able to offer it if I'm not technically "regularly on staff". They said something about the possibility of adding a rider onto my existing malpractice insurance with my current employer, however I don't plan to stay with that company for longer than another year or so. Anyone working per diem have any insight as to how this typically works? Did you purchase your own malpractice with tail?
  6. They state the clinic sees between 12-25 patients on average in a 12 hour shift. Max was 35. The short training period also worries me... They say that the supervising physician is always available and I can always call the other UCs to speak with the provider there. Still makes me nervous
  7. Hello all, I recently received a job offer for UC but am a little hesitant, and I would greatly appreciate your input. For some background: I have been working in a surgical sub-specialty for 9 months since graduation. My current work environment is pretty toxic which is why I am considering leaving prior to the 1 year mark. I'm in a major city with a high COL. $60/ hour which is equivalent to $130,000 (I currently make $90,000 salaried) Additional $10 per hour OT differential 84 hours biweekly: 12 hour shifts, alternating weeks of 3 and 4 shifts, work every other weekend. (I currently work M-F, >50 hrs/week) Solo provider; support staff include a nurse and a radiology tech 6 Training shifts of 4-6 hours only $1200 CME per year 4 weeks PTO Malpractice with tail Eligible for Health, Dental and Vision Benefits Eligible for the 401K fully vested match, match 100% up to first 3%, then 50% for the next 2% STD, LTD and Basic Life fully funded Eligible for 2 Monthly Bonus Programs
  8. The group is: Northeastern Physician Assistant Class of 2017
  9. I am attempting to create a facebook page for our class, however it won't fully process until I friend and invite someone else to the group (besides myself haha). I will post the name of the group once it's all set!
  10. Just received an acceptance letter for my interview from 10/31 and 11/1! The interview followed the layout that was sent in the initial email, so no surprises. There is a writing sample (which was very easy) and an aptitude test (which there is no way to prepare for and wasn't too terrible, just different from your usual test). The interviews are conducted on the second day. We were all out by 11 but it could last until noon. You have three one-on-one interviews and they give you a list of the interviewers at one of the info sessions on the first day. All three of my interviewers had different styles (traditional versus more of a conversational method). The two day process was actually incredibly helpful and not nearly as stressful as I had imagined. Advice: just be your normal, friendly, positive self! It sounds silly and obvious but I think it actually does make a huge difference. Best of luck to everyone!
  11. I currently work as a care coordinator at a residential program for 3 women with mental and physical disabilities. I do direct care including shower/bathing routines, hygiene routines, PT routines, assisting with adaptive technology, transport, and occasionally monitoring basic vitals. I also have administrative tasks including setting up and attending HCP appointments, monitoring and distributing meds, completing and maintaining appropriate paperwork, coordinating with parents and providers, etc. I plan to apply at the beginning of next year's cycle and by then I should have accumulated 4000 hours. Background stats: Graduated in May with a BS in Behavioral Neuroscience, 3.6 gpa, 3.45 science gpa, 320 GRE, 6 months clinical research (abroad), 1 year psych research, 100 hours non-clin volunteer. I know that this type of HCE won't be as competitive/acceptable to some schools, but should I still try for the next cycle? I've attempted to find jobs as a PCA in a hospital setting but they require a CNA instead of the EMT-B cert that I currently have. Would you suggest I switch jobs to obtain quality HCE hours?
  12. I never worked as an EMT so I guess I will just let it fall to the wayside. Thank you for both of your responses!
  13. Hi all, I searched for this in previous threads but couldn't find an answer. My EMT-B certification is going to expire next year. I work as a PCA at a group home so I don't actually need the certification for my job. At this point, it's going to be quite a bit of money and time for the continuing ed classes, refresher course, and recert fee. Will it be a detriment to my PA application if I just let it expire?
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