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Serious question regarding my grades

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I have been concerned about this for a while, but am just now bringing it up. I did a lot of courses (gen eds) at a community college and then transferred to my current university. I had a bad semester when my dad unexpectedly passed. That next semester, I failed calc 3 and physics (because I wasn't allowed to sit for the test due to my health condition, and no retake since it was documented after the semester was over) but I did a B in the physics lab the day before (the day that I became ill). I have a number of W's on my record and the WE's (withdrawal due to extenuating circumstances) and those 2 F's. I am starting to have an uptrend, as my health has settled. I still have most of my PA school pre-reqs to complete, my GPA is currently a 2.666 (I know.. big gasp). BUT this GPA does not include all of the credits from my community college. All of those are literally A's and a few B's with that GPA at 3.7. I guess my short question is this: Am I screwed? How is CASPA going to look at this? I understand there will be a cum GPA, science and non-science. I am not exactly sure how they will calculate everything. I have spoken to my advisor and she says that my community college course work won't be calculated whatsoever, but when looking at the course transfer equivalencies, these classes the degree level courses, which accounted for my freshman and sophomore credits. (my degree is a 2+2 which is in agreement between my state's community colleges and state schools). If someone would like to see exactly my grades or try to help me figure this out, I'd appreciate it. 


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5 minutes ago, EMEDPA said:

I believe they weigh all grades, including those from CC. what is your gpa with all courses in the mix? If > 3.0 or preferably > 3.2 you are in much better shape. as an aside about college "advisers". most of them don't know squat about getting into pa school. 

I've used a GPA calculator and my GPA is around a 3.2, but I still have most of my pre-reqs for PA school left. I've calculated what it would be if I was squeaky clean, and it'd be around a 3.5. That F in physics and calculus 3 really knocked my GPA down. I'm hoping that the upward trend and explaining it briefly in my personal statement about my illness and dad's death will help admission committees feel better about giving me a shot. 

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2 minutes ago, EMEDPA said:

you should be fine. also, if you are going to get Fs, getting them in non-required coursework is a plus as opposed to getting them in intro bio or intro chem or A+P. 

That was my thought process as well. Once I made the pre-PA switch, I've had A's and B's in my chem and bio courses. Thanks for the reassurance! 

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