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2018-2019 CASPA Cycle

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4 minutes ago, sp1996 said:

Do you guys know how to set up our OU e-mail? In the e-mail from Brea today she said that the instructions would be in our acceptance letter, but I had nothing about setting up e-mail in mine 😅

You should have received an email from servicedesk@ouhsc.edu as well as from secureemail@ouhsc.edu. Mine came Jan 15 with instructions for setting up the OUHSC email. Email title was: Welcome from OUHSC Information Technology – important account information (Note: this was separate from the acceptance email from apps.ouhsc.edu)

I'd reach out to Brea or that servicedesk email if you didn't receive the email with setup instructions 

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Hey everyone! I'm going to be part of your class too. I am actually returning from the class of 2020. I can make a Facebook group today so we can all get in touch. Feel free to message me with any questions. I am looking forward to meeting you all!

Update: Look for "OU Tulsa PA Class 2021" on facebook so I can add you all to the group

Update 2: Facebook is having technical difficulties today (check the news), so there may be a little delay in getting everyone added.

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On 11/12/2018 at 8:25 AM, luvquyn said:

Hello everyone! I understand that the OU-OKC and OU-Tulsa are different applications, but do they send out different interview invitations as well?

Yes, they sent out different interview invitations. I think they try to coordinate so OKC is a day or two ahead of Tulsa for those who get interviews at both.

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