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How does my application look?

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Hello everyone! 

I plan on applying to PA school during the next cycle and I just wanted some advice on what I should work on in order to become a competitive applicant! 

I will be graduating in December from Florida State University with my bachelors in Exercise Physiology and a minor in Biology. 

CGPA: 3.7

SGPA: 3.7

(I have As in all of the pre reqs except for microbio where I got a B, also no Cs on my transcript)

PCE: I currently work as a CNA in the med-surg unit at a hospital. I currently have about 300 hours and I plan to keep working until time of application. 

GRE: haven’t taken yet, starting the Kaplan course in December to take exam in February. 

Volunteering: have about 100 hours in various organizations 

As of now, what do you think are the biggest things that I should work on to make myself competitive? Also, how well do you think my chances are to eventually getting in a program next cycle? 

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