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  1. I am going to be purchasing PANCE Prep Pearls, Pathophysiology Made Ridiculously Simple, and part I of Step-Up to Medicine. I already have Rapid Interpretation of EKG's by Dubin (btw, do not buy this book brand new if you can help it- the guy's in prison for child pornography and still makes money from selling his book). I downloaded MedScape and the Doses Calculator, but I already had Epocrates, Guideline Clinical App (Cardiology), and Doximity, all of which I like a lot. As for school supplies, I'm just going to get the basics - pens, paper/notebooks, highlighters, pencils, some 3-ring binders. I'm also going to get a large whiteboard for my wall or have one easel-style. I enjoy teaching and drawing things out, so I think this will be helpful for me. If I end up not needing it for school, I can always use it to draw some cool art when I need to decompress. And thank you, @mooredc !
  2. daydreamy

    Mercy College 2018-2019 cycle

    Yay awesome! When was your interview?
  3. daydreamy

    Mercy College 2018-2019 cycle

    Congratulations!! Did you accept?
  4. I gave up my seat as well, good luck everyone!!!!
  5. daydreamy

    RN or PA?

    Please read my entire post. I know what you were referring to, and I took the time to clarify it for you.
  6. daydreamy

    RN or PA?

    Y'all are definitely correct that OP needs to do research and get some shadowing experience at the least. @EMEDPA my grandmother and my aunt are not physicians, they're nurses. The OP is discussing nursing vs PA. Also, my best friend who is an MD is in her residency and does not feel that way about her work versus what the PA's do around her. I will also point out that I've met a surprising number of first-year PA students during my interviews who had little to no patient care hours when they were accepted. The reality is that there are some programs out there, even excellent ones, that do not require patient care experience and accept students without these hours. Anyway, just my opinion based off my own experiences and the experiences of some medical professionals around me. Good luck to the OP in figuring out what they want to do, I certainly wish you well
  7. daydreamy

    RN or PA?

    This person still has a year before they apply, which gives them plenty of time to figure out if it's what they want to do (via shadowing and research, which it looks like they've already gotten a head-start on), so if it is, then I say go for it personally! My grandmother is a retired RN, my aunt is an RN, and my best friend is a physician. All of them wish they had been PA's instead, for what that's worth
  8. daydreamy

    RN or PA?

    They would know better than me, but it might be worth applying to 1-2 PA schools while also applying for nursing schools just to see what happens. You should definitely try to at least shadow a PA or two though so that you gain a better understanding of the profession (this is also a requirement for many programs). For example, Nova Orlando doesn't require direct patient care experience. Scribing is an excellent way to go for Florida schools imo. Edit: I obtained all of my pt care experience via scribing and my GPA is much lower than yours, and I've been accepted into 3 programs so far (all in Florida). Why not give the application a shot, you know? Just make sure you have enough people willing to write you LoR so some can do it for nursing and some can do it for your PA app.
  9. After reading your comments and speaking with some PA students, I've decided to download a few of the apps mentioned above, and purchase some PANCE materials, such as PANCE Prep Pearls, but will be holding off on the rest until I hear from my program. Thank you all so much!!
  10. Thank you! I interviewed 10/31 and was initially 7th on the accept hold list. You should call Sarah! She can tell you your spot and then estimate your chances based off of that
  11. Ha! Just a Type A over here trying to be overly prepared. Thank you so much for your help!
  12. Oh, wonderful! I will have to wait then Do you know of any basic supplies that are helpful, such as phone apps, programs, or other supplies that might not be included in the medical supply list?
  13. Was finally pulled off of the accept hold list on 11/26 !!
  14. Hello, hello, I am very excited! I've interviewed with 4 programs and been accepted into 3 so far! This is a huge accomplishment, especially because my confidence was pretty low until October. I have not yet heard back from my top choice in NYC, but my back-up program is just as good as my top choice (actually, it's better, but I like the location of my top choice more for clinicals). All of this being said, I'm really not sure what I need to start purchasing now or soon. Are there materials that any PA students or PA's feel were helpful when they started PA school? Any absolute necessities or things you couldn't live without? Thank you!!

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