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Genetics and microbio prerequisites for PA programs

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Has anyone taken genetics and microbiology through Doane and can recommend them or advise against them? Or potentially recommend another school, I need to take them online as I have two little kids at home and need to complete these last two classes fast. I have not been able to get a layout of how they set out their classes and exams. 

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Can't give input on Doane specifically, as I've never even heard of them, but I highly doubt taking genetics online would be an issue as long as the school is accredited and at least mildly respected.  As for microbiology, I believe many PA schools require a lab portion to this course - not sure how this would work for an online course.  So I would recommend double checking the prereqs with the school(s) you plan to apply to.

Also, you will need to figure something out with little ones, as unfortunately, family is not a good reason to regularly miss time in PA school.  The expectation is that you and your family are making a 2+ year commitment and that PA school will come first, except in very specific situations that will likely need to pre-approval through your department.

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I took biochem online at Doane. EXCELLENT class. 

You have to know the material as you have to post videos of you drawing out/explaining different metabolic pathways, etc. 

Also the professor was pretty lenient with due dates...as he understands the amount of material throw at you in 8 weeks.

theres about 3-4 quizzes, 2-3 assignments, a test and a presentation or discussion board every week. 


EDIT: sorry I didn't fully read your title...but I would imagine all courses offered by done will be similar format to the one I took. 

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