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Any Notes on Taking Notes?

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Hi! I start PA school next week and therefore am (attempting) to get all my ducks in a row. I'm trying to decipher which note taking service would be most convenient and organized for digital notes on my Mac. It seems OneNote, Evernote, and Notability are the three main contenders. Does anyone have a recommendation for which one is best? 

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I'll second Bf55, while the lecture is flying by just type in the things that are important as they pertain to that slide topic, i had to type to keep up with the pace.

What I would do second was to either:

A.) Make a two column table in word (it would be quite a few pages long) with pertinant information from the lecture in the form of a question on the left and an answer on the right; typing these out sort of made a "study guide" which made me think in the form of questions rather than route reading.

B.) Note-cards, the giant ones; yes it's time consuming but writing them out lets you get the information you need to know vs. superfluous window dressing from the lecture.

Long story short, organize your notes after lecture and you will already be studying by virtue of organizing them, half the battle is done.

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I have found Google Docs to be perfect for my style of note taking. Most programs (including mine) present lectures in powerpoint form, and a good approach I found is to copy/paste the entire powerpoint content into Google Docs and outline the lecture while it's happening. Doing this is Google Docs is extremely helpful to keep everything organized, and I can search for terms within specific lectures if needed. Whatever your approach, keeping study materials succinct and organized is key!

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