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  1. Hello again! To applicants past, present, and future who want to keep up with the program or connect in new ways- the class of 2020 has put us on the social media map. Feel free to like the Facebook group Towson University/CCBC Physician Assistant Program below or follow our instagram @towsonccbcpa. If there's anything you'd like to see on there please reach out to us anytime, we'd love to hear from you! https://www.facebook.com/TUCCBCPA/
  2. Hi everyone! My name's Lea and I'm in the class of 2020. I want to pass along a little guidance that was bestowed upon us last year. Now that so many of you have heard back, it could be a good idea to start up your class Facebook page. It'll allow your class to start to connect, look for roommates, seek advice, etc etc. If you're interested, some of us from the class above can join as well and help out with any questions that may arise. Just let us know what you decide to name it and we'll hop on in. Congrats to everyone for surviving CASPA & hope to hear from you soon ?
  3. Hi! I start PA school next week and therefore am (attempting) to get all my ducks in a row. I'm trying to decipher which note taking service would be most convenient and organized for digital notes on my Mac. It seems OneNote, Evernote, and Notability are the three main contenders. Does anyone have a recommendation for which one is best?
  4. Just withdrew my spot as well! Sounds like the waitlist is chugging along :) Best of luck.
  5. Alright so the Facebook group's name is "Towson / CCBC Physician Assistant Class of 2020". Feel free to search it or send me your email address & I'll add you, whatever works best for you! https://www.facebook.com/groups/520429605017000/
  6. Hello everyone! I was just accepted into my dream PA program. Downside... it's in a different state than I currently reside in. However, I'm planning on moving to Maryland early, long before my program would begin next year, to be with a sick relative. Therefore, I'm interested in petitioning for in state tuition. It would save me $40,000 so it's definitely worth the hassle! Has anyone attempted this process before or have any advice to give about in state / out of state residency? I know it's dependent on state (and trust me - I'm deep in that research) so more looking for general knowledge or helpful hints from success stories. Much appreciated :)
  7. I'm actually withdrawing my spot as I was accepted elsewhere! Hope this opens up a spot for one of you. Best of luck- it's going to work out in the end don't lose hope!
  8. Just received my acceptance as well :) Excited to meet everyone in June! Would anyone be interested if I started a Facebook page?
  9. Nothing :( I suppose we have to hear tomorrow since it's the last day before the second round of interviews on Wednesday. Or maybe that's just wishful thinking...
  10. Exciting week ahead! We finally get to hear word. I was looking back at Ms. Carden's email and it mentioned: "The faculty will meet the following Tuesday, September 19th, to make the final decision of those whom we will offer seats. I will personally call those individuals on September 20th. If you do not receive a phone call, you will be sent an email indicating your status – Wait List or Do Not Accept." In your opinion, does it sound like everyone will hear on the 20th or just those receiving calls? I'd hope it's the former but wasn't 100% sure.
  11. I just heard that we should most likely hear back before the next round of interviews on September 27th! The waiting game continues... anyone else having trouble staying sane? ;)
  12. It was the most welcoming environment I've ever had at an interview. The faculty and students were wonderful and really put you at ease. Overall a pretty painless process! Did anyone who attended yesterday ask about the timeframe around which we should hear back? It completely slipped my mind to ask until I was on the drive home.
  13. I haven't heard anything yet but according to past posts on here the supplementals didn't come out last year until August 25th. So we have a few more days of waiting anxiety to go....
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