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Hi guys, 


So I am having an extremely hard time finding a job to get my PCE hours. Every job I have applied for rejects me saying they have gone with someone else. At this point I have no idea what to do. I am back and forth with EMT. I know that would probably be the best bet but at the same time I know others can find jobs with out certifications. What is some advice you guys could offer about applying to jobs or going the EMT route? 


Thank you 

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Go the EMT route! You will have a much easier time finding a job. I was able to find jobs without certification, but they often required half my time be spent doing office work. I worked as a scribe in an ER while completing my EMT certification and then networked to get a job in the same ER. The EMT course is not useless! You will learn important skills and gain confidence in your ability to care for others. 

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