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  1. To your second question- yes absolutely okay to accept while still interviewing! Lots of people do it, I encourage you to as well. As far as your first question, unless they explicitly stated they would pay/reimburse you for your travel- I think it's up to you to foot the bill. It does stink but they might use that as a weed out technique to see just how bad people want to get into their school, ya know? It stinks forking out all the money on travel/applications/etc., but this is all an investment in your future. Good luck! ?
  2. Always try to express your thought in the least amount of words as possible. Don't ramble if you've made your point! Allowable word count = MAX. If there was a minimum requirement, that would be different. But just submit what you have now if you feel you expressed your thoughts well enough. ?
  3. Hi guys! I'm an accepted student beginning in a couple months! I got notified for an email June 19th and interviewed on July 17th I believe. Then received my acceptance on July 20th! So pretty quick! I loved the interview process here, very relaxed and makes you feel at home. Honestly, they just want to get to know you and why you're choosing PA school. Don't over think your answers and go in with a positive attitude! Good luck everyone!
  4. Of course! There's SO many components to the application.I would say the most important are your personal statement and letter of recs ? Best of luck girl!
  5. Also did the EMT route and loved it! Worked on an ambulance service while being in school full-time for about 3.5 years so it worked out great. EMT experience is valued much higher than experiences in which don't require any certs or formal training.
  6. I also despised these questions as well! They are so open to interpretation so you will probably get different view points on this question! My interpretation of the first question would be to initially overview the scope of the experience you're talking about and then maybe you can end with what said experience taught you. The second question was asked a lot when I applied as well. Lol I wouldn't copy what is already said in earlier parts of your application TOO much- but definitely reiterate how your experiences and education have formed you into the person you are today and the provider you
  7. They won't completely overlook your entire application in most instances, depends on the school specifically. But for the most part, if you meet all the requirements and have a good application otherwise, they will still consider you. However, it still may be counted against you when comparing a similar application without an academic infarction. But if you get an interview, rock the interview, be confident! This one little thing won't ruin it for you. Goodluck!
  8. Just my opinion so take with a grain of salt! But for the second one, scribe training I would put as a separate entry., meaning to count it for both. Obviously in the leadership section just specifically talk about the amount of time you committed to training and what you did etc. Did you have to obtain any other licenses or certifications to be a trainer? As far as the first one, I wouldn't double list restaurant experience. Either count it as leadership experience or non-clinical work experience. I feel like it's a stretch to cross list it in your application. The leadership experience I bel
  9. I personally didn't think lab was too bad, it was a good amount of work but those upper level science courses really help give you a glimpse of the advanced courses you'll be taking in PA school so I like the challenge. I would go ahead and take it to keep you options open and it makes you look like you know your stuff when you ace organic chemistry. Probably be greatest achievement to date. ? Lol
  10. My opinion- you'll be fine. You have a great GPA, both science and cumulative, and although your PCE is on the lower side, you would be actively pursuing a full-time position getting more PCE hours. Granted, it would be more ideal to be working alongside PAs, but not everyone can do that. Do well on your GRE and you will definitely get interviews, given your PS and LORs are good. Rock the interview and you'll be set. There is not one sure-fire PCE that will win you into PA school. I know people who got in doing all sorts of things, some working with chiropractors too. I would accept the job an
  11. I agree with above, I would personally paraphrase that description they have to make it sound like it's coming from you. The description is really for you to give an overview of what YOU did in the program/experience. :)
  12. @fireguy how cool! I'm about to start PA school so obviously very far from practicing, BUT do you need any other requirements to fly with them? I have my EMT-B and have for several years, would i need to get my EMT-P?
  13. that's a great plan! You sound like you know what you're doing. A year will be good- I just knew of some people who just took the courses and received their paramedic and never used it or their basic & it just sucks throwing money away and time for those certs to never use them. Because in the majority of my interviews, we talked about the experiences. So you will definitely gain good experience being a basic/paramedic for a couple years :)
  14. Congrats on getting your basic! I guess my big question would be, would doing the paramedic certificate program interfere with any courses you are taking your last semester? Your gpa is precious and you dont want to take on a paramedic course load on top of a full semester of courses. Paramedic courses are tougher than basic (obviously) so just don't bite off more than you can chew. If it were me, I would take those two courses and knock them out over the summer- probably cheaper to do so as well. Also, work as a basic on the truck for a bit & see if you enjoy it. Don't just get your param
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