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  1. Hi guys, So I am having an extremely hard time finding a job to get my PCE hours. Every job I have applied for rejects me saying they have gone with someone else. At this point I have no idea what to do. I am back and forth with EMT. I know that would probably be the best bet but at the same time I know others can find jobs with out certifications. What is some advice you guys could offer about applying to jobs or going the EMT route? Thank you
  2. My GPA is a 3.45. I dont have an PCE hours yet. I'm doing a gap year to get all those hours.
  3. Hi guys, I know there are probably some questions about this already but I wanted to ask about myself. Im currently a senior in college about to graduate. I have taken most of the pre req for PA school. I have gotten A's and B's in majority of the classes except for getting a C in Organic Chemistry I. Most schools don't look at Organic II which I got an A in and I'm going back and forth with if that C will affect my chances of getting into PA school or if I should I retake it and get a better score?
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