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Low GPA, but other of positives. What are my chances?

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I went to a school my freshman year and did terribly, changed my major a couple of times and later transferred.


cGPA: 2.5

sGPA: 3.8

GRE: 328

HCE: 6,000 + hrs (Nurse Assistant)

Shadowing: 0 (in progress)

Several leadership positions

Some volunteering (10 hrs. Still in progress)

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As far as I am aware, your chances are 0 right now. Most programs have a minimum cGPA of 3.0 and several have a minimum of 2.75. At every school that I am aware of, if you don't meet those minimums then your application will not receive a review and will be auto-screened out.

I had a similar background as you. I think my freshman year was like a 1.1 GPA and I was academically dismissed. Changed majors and schools a couple times also. Years later I was admitted to multiple programs on my first time applying with 7 F's and 4 D's and a ton of A's which bumped my cGPA to just above 3.0. Improve your GPA and apply broadly to programs that take a holistic view of applicants.

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Hi, there! 

Your science GPA is great and you have a significant amount of HCE hours, which is fantastic! However, most schools require a cumulative GPA of 3.0 as a minimum. I believe if you fall under this, the programs will not even look at your application. I would recommend going to back to school (if at all possible), and taking courses that will help you bump that cGPA over at least a 2.75 at the minimum. Over a 3.0 would be ideal. There are only a handful of schools who allow GPAs under 3.0s. since PA school is getting more and more competitive. 

I think if you can get that cGPA up, your other stats will help offset the low GPA! 

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