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New Grad ER pay rate

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Hey all,

Wanted to crowd source a consensus on this. I have my formal interview with an Emergency department in a major city on the east coast. I worked at this hospital before PA school so I know they have pretty good benefits (401K match, 144 yearly PTO, not sure about CME $$ yet). I also did a rotation there as a student so I know I am a good fit. 

I want to be prepared for the inevitable question if they ask me what I would like to be paid.

What is a reasonable range for a hourly rate for a new grad in the ED in a major city? (I will be elated with anything north of $58)

I know this is pretty vague and I need to look at the whole compensation package once I get it, but I will keep you all posted once that info comes in. 

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It sounds like you've spent a lot of time working alongside PAs in this ED. Hopefully, you were able to cultivate friendships. It probably wouldn't be a bad idea to reach out to one of them for advice ...

I had an EM offer in the Southeast in a moderate sized city. It fell in the $45-55/hr range. 

New grad EM offers where my PA school is located (major city on East coast) are in the $40-50/hr range. 

Good luck with your interview!

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I would recommend you let them throw out the first #. many of these places have a set rate for new grads and have no wiggle room, so you don't want to throw out a # less than what they were planning to give you. If they come up with $38/hr or something similarly ridiculous, I would be armed with the sempa practice survey from a few years ago. it is on their site at sempa .org. 

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My experience is that compensation is very location dependent.  I work at a L3 trauma center about 1/2 way between 2 much larger cities.  Even though these 2 larger cities are only about 60 miles apart, one tends to pay $10-15/hour more than the other.  The only real data that matters is what the going rate is in the metropolitan area where you are interviewing.  Your best source is from potential co-workers.  From talking to many recruiters, they have that data.  The salary surveys usually lack the granularity to get that.

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