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  1. Hey all, I am a new grad with about 6 months hospitalist experience covering a cardiac IMC and obs unit, and I am desperately trying to find a PRN gig (I work 3 12's a week), preferably urgent care but open for anything. I cannot for the life of me get any of these places to bite. I have probably applied to 15-20 places mainly urgent cares and cannot even get to an interview. I know my resume dosen't suck I had an abundance of interviews right after I graduated and ultimately chose the role I am in now. What I'm asking here is are there any tips on landing a PRN gig? Is there certain
  2. Thought I would throw my 2 cents in here. I graduated this past year with 135K in debt, here is what I've done since: - THE DAY after I graduated I consolidated my loans and started under the REPAYE plan and waived my 6 month forbearance period - Transferred my loans to Fedloan servicing by submitting their employment certification form (ECF), this needs to be done yearly and keep your records for yourself! - I'm working at a non-profit so they sent me a letter back a month or so later saying I am indeed qualified and I have made X amount of qualifying payments thus far. FYI it
  3. Hey all, Wanted to crowd source a consensus on this. I have my formal interview with an Emergency department in a major city on the east coast. I worked at this hospital before PA school so I know they have pretty good benefits (401K match, 144 yearly PTO, not sure about CME $$ yet). I also did a rotation there as a student so I know I am a good fit. I want to be prepared for the inevitable question if they ask me what I would like to be paid. What is a reasonable range for a hourly rate for a new grad in the ED in a major city? (I will be elated with anything north of $58)
  4. I have verbatim the same situation that you have except its going to be a 30 minute commute AND I will be living with my girlfriends family, not my own. Would definitely live at home, I have way to much undergrad debt to think of anything else. I will however have a sweet set up of my own quiet office to study in.
  5. Awesome, thanks for the info I guess I have to just get face to face with an officer recruiter to have them take me more seriously, definitely would like to join based off your experience.
  6. I was wondering if anyone on here that was a PA in the national guard could give me some insight into their process. If they joined before, during or after school? What was the direct commission process like? What their role is as a PA during drilling weekends?(Are you working as a PA or are you drilling?) Deployment situations how long, how many etc. (No, not scared of deploying, I want to, and would just like to be informed) Quoted benefits from recruiters such as loan repayment etc. I've read $25000 per year for a 3 year commitment. Is this one weekend a month or something more
  7. We do have a facebook page, and they have already met for a few happy hours, but I havent been able to attend yet. As far as lab work I am a Medical Technologist and work in the hospital lab. Counting down my remaining shifts, I work 12's so after tonight I have 13 left before school starts.
  8. Silly post, looking for some camaraderie. For those who have been accepted and are starting PA school this late spring/summer, is anyone else freaking about the reality setting in that its really about to start?
  9. I don't know if this applies to you, but just a heads up my school pretty much told us not to buy anything as they will have a bulk discount vendor on campus like the first or second day of class.
  10. As someone who struggled with PA versus MD (which it seems like you are doing), save yourself a lot of pain and figure out what path you want to pursue instead of your dual headed approach here. Your stats are a bit low in terms of GPA for MD, however they are pretty spot on for PA. The MCAT is no joke, no chance you take the MCAT and GRE the same month and do well on both. Just my 2 cents, I've been there.
  11. Ive looked on there, I havent found anything that more or less says "under grad loans + Grad loans = Total loans" and that lump of total loans is applicable. I know someone on this forum was talking about paying the monthly minimum, and gunning for forgiveness.
  12. Now that I have an official acceptance (wooooo!) its time to start worrying about paying/eventual loan repayment. I have the unfortunate situation of being about 50K in debt from undergrad. 35k federal loans and 15K private. Luckily my program is relatively cheap comparatively to most other schools, I should be about another 80k in the hole including my cost of living for the next 2 years. This makes my grand total ball parked around 130K. For those who have or are doing the minimum repayment option in hopes of having their loans forgiven after 10 years, do you know if this applies lum
  13. Definitely take them at CC, I did the same thing because my anatomy's were outdated with that whole 5 year limit thing some programs do, and I was accepted to my #1 choice this cycle.
  14. I got an interview for 11/19, however will be declining as I got into my #1 choice. Goodluck to all applying here!
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