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I was wondering if anyone accepted into Boston University's program could share or message their application stats (gpa, HCE...), I want to know whether, if I were to apply in a later cycle I could be considered a competitive applicant. Thank you for reading this and thank you for your time, I appreciate it a lot!


P.S. I'll put my stats here if ya want to comment on my chances of acceptance: cGPA 3.7, sGPA 3.5, Dean's List 7/8 semesters (currently in my last semester), about 100 hours volunteering for my school's EMS. I don't have a lot of Patient care hours but I am hoping to take a gap year and work on that. I also hope to retake the GRE to improve my score as well. Again, thanks so much!

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you have great stats.. Just work on your HCE. Most of my classmates at BU have >2000 hours, but I have one classmate with no HCE at all. So its possible, but you'll definitely be more competitive if you get up to the >2000 hour range. Otherwise just try to keep your extracurricular activities meaningful to what you enjoy and try to be as authentic as possible. Establish strong relationships with healthcare providers who will be able to write you exceptional LORs.


Good luck!

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I have over 2000 hours as a medical assistant and scribe. I have about 300 hours of volunteer work. My GRE is 297, GPA 3.22, ScGPA 3.02. Low...I know ? but my post-bacc classes (12 credits) are 4.0, so it shows I can perform well in classes. I have a LOR from someone currently working in the COM. What do you think my chances are?

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