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  1. For reference, I've had multiple surgery offers in NYC between 98k to 108k.. I'd highly advise not to take that job.
  2. PA who attended a program that was combined with a MD program here. We crammed a year of information from MS1 into 3 months ( a lot was left out), and then rolled into MS2. same classes, same exams. I love the idea of having didactic and going right into a residency. I definitely think there would need to be a lot of focus on that first year material in a bridge program to prepare for step 1. But I do think it can be done in 12 months.
  3. New England does not pay as well despite high CoL. Sounds like a pretty solid offer to me when my classmates are making between 92-104k in various fields.
  4. you have great stats.. Just work on your HCE. Most of my classmates at BU have >2000 hours, but I have one classmate with no HCE at all. So its possible, but you'll definitely be more competitive if you get up to the >2000 hour range. Otherwise just try to keep your extracurricular activities meaningful to what you enjoy and try to be as authentic as possible. Establish strong relationships with healthcare providers who will be able to write you exceptional LORs. Good luck!
  5. hey everyone! Congrats on those accepted! I did not get to attend the interview days this year, but I am a PA-S2 and happy to answer questions / connect via Facebook. Hit me up in the DMs.
  6. Hello! It is not abnormal not to have heard anything just yet.. it is probably because people do end up dropping here and there and my guess is that they want to correspond with the most accurate class list as possible. I do believe the Facebook group should be coming soon. I know our class will be drawing names for mentor/mentee later in the month! Hang in there, but please feel free to reach out to me via DM if you have any questions. Happy to help!
  7. false.. your grad GPA does get factored in on CASPA.. but in any case, you want to show them that you have an upward trend in your grades and that when it counts, you can do well in comparable classes.. I did the tufts MBS and it greatly helped my application.. furthermore, it gave me things to talk about in my interviews, about how I KNOW im ready for the rigor of a PA program.. I agree with the above comments as well, and just want to add that I think you'll have a much better shot if you apply a whole month earlier. Good luck, Amanda
  8. I had a similar situation in choosing between two programs.. but really when it came down to it, I knew in my gut where I wanted to go. It was the less practical school for me, and I know this is super cheesy to say, but my heart was very invested in the school I ended up choosing (and I definitely made the right choice). I feel like deep down you know where you need to go too. Sorry if this was not too helpful! The only thing I would say, the practical decision for you is that if you really want to practice in CA, to go to a school in CA -- because you will make so many contacts out on your rotations that could help land you a CA job.. also with that being said, I think a PA can really work anywhere in the country no matter where you went to school. I say follow your gut/heart, even if it goes against the practical decision. Best, Amanda
  9. The Facebook group usually comes after everyone has accepted their offer of admission.
  10. Don't worry about it. This will be a low stress interview day. Its not MMI, and the 3 interviews really gives BU the opportunity to get to know who you are. It was my favorite interview (out of 5). - from a current student.
  11. yes. I was accepted but declined my seat. I saw one more girl from our interview day was accepted as well
  12. I'm in the same situation. I got into Drexel which was also at the top of my list. While i'm still deciding, I do feel drawn to BU. BU is a very unique program attached to a very well-respected medical school. Essentially we will be receiving that same education as the BU medical students which is an unparalleled feature of the program.Not to mention our rotations are being set up at some of the best hospitals in the WORLD. I also like that there are 4 elective rotations, which is a lot more than most programs. I like their grading system and remediation system as well. The fact that the program starts early in April is both a plus and minus for me. I have to break lease on my current apartment to attend, however I will be getting out a whole year earlier than a lot of programs. Overall though I just had a great experience at BU. I really liked that the candidates chosen for interview were very diverse, especially in age, where a lot of programs I just saw a ton of very young ladies. It was one of the only programs I interviewed at that I truly felt invested in the person instead of the candidate on paper (Drexel did too!) Its really tough. Drexel is just an hour away from me now. Great, well established program with an impeccable reputation. Tough decisions ahead.
  13. geez.. NOW theyre sending interview invites? I just withdrew my application yesterday. Got into some awesome programs. Good luck!
  14. has anyone made a facebook group yet for accepted students? Are you guys definitely going to BU or still deciding?
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