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Waitlist Help!

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Hi everyone,

Just looking for some help and guidance with what to do. I applied to 11 schools this cycle, denied from 4 schools and had interviews to 5 (still waiting to hear from 2 but likely denied as well).

Everyone school that I interviewed at I was waitlisted. I was accepted to one school, but with the school being on probation, I feel that it is not a wise choice to attend as they do not seem that they are doing much to fix this. It was also very apparent after attending other interviews that this school does not seem to care much about their students. They are up for another review when I would still be in the didactic phase of school, which may leave me hanging if they lost accreditation.

In addition this school requires me to take an extra class before the start date (May) which would cost an extra few thousand dollars and I may not be able to feasibly complete (I am currently still in undergrad). 

What should I do? The schools that I am waitlisted to are all schools that I would love to attend. Should I hold out and see if I can get off of the waitlist or just accept the invitation from this other school?

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!


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A couple things here provided your program is accredited at the time of matriculation then you would be eligible to sit the PANCE exam. Additionally most schools if they lose their accreditation would be required to find somewhere for you to complete your degree. Having said that it sounds like you are not totally sold on the program anyway. The probationary thing really depends on why they are on probation, is an administrative thing or is it something to do with the curriculum?

Have you worked on or had any improvement in your application over the past year? When do the programs you are wait listed for start? Are you prepared to potentially apply this cycle if you didn't get in off a wait-list?

These are all things to think about before you turn down an admission offer. If it were me and I wasn't totally happy with the program or the place the program was etc I would look at my other options. I did turn down an admission offer at a great school because I didn't want to live in the city it was in, and I had to reapply the following year. I was accepted to my number one choice the following year though.

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