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Would anyone volunteer to complete a questionnaire for my Proff Research & Writing Class?

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I would like to thank you for volunteering to be interviewed for this assignment! I want to assure you that any information you provide will be kept confidential. The questionnaire you'll be filling out is generic and was pre-written for the class. I have made a few changes to acknowledge your military status, however, you'll notice that it was designed for a civilian interviewee. Please just answer to the best of your ability. This interview will serve as primary research for my formal report profiling the lifestyle and career of physicians assistants; It is due on February 23rd. I encourage you to speak freely and include any additional information you wish! I have attached the word document for you to complete and a copy of the assignment instructions if you would like to view them.

Thank you for your time!





**As a side note- I didn't intend to wait til last minute to find an interviewee. An Army PA I've actually met in person agreed to do the interview via e-mail and provided her address, but never responded after I sent the info! Now this is my last ditch effort!

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I'd help you out but I'm working a 12 so I just don't have the time today.

I think people are riffing on you more for "physician's assistant" which is a real touchy thing. It is physician assistant the plural of which is physician assistants. That apostrophe drives most of us to nashing of teeth and foaming at the mouth.

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