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What is the best specialty to work in before PA school?

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I worked in urgent care and I always thought it was the best. While we didn't follow too many patients past 1 or 2 visits I was able to see a little of everything in medicine. In one day I would be taking X-Rays, cleaning lacerations, debriding a burn, and running an EKG. The number of skills that I learned while in that job will help me a lot when it is time for me to work directly on patients.

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Guest hcruz496

One good thing about urgent care is there are usually less staff, in my experience, usually a single provider and 1 or 2 back office people and a front desk person. This can give you more opportunities to learn as you will likely be expected to know the whole office whereas in family practice we tend to each stick to one role. You will just see a lot of the same problems.

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The downside of working in emergency medicine is that you might get lost in the crowd and find it more difficult to create the necessary relationships with providers if you need letters of recommendation. I thought about getting experience as an ER tech but the above reason was the main reason I chose not to. I ended up taking a medical assistant job with a pain clinic and I really enjoy it. Urgent care would probably provide for the best experience that you can use as a PA though. It also depends what specialty you see yourself working in as a PA. It’ll be difficult to get jobs in some highly coveted specialties though. 

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