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Illinois PA-Cs required to meet w/CP monthly

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My collaborating physician’s secretary just emailed me saying that I will now be required to meet with my collaborating physician on a monthly basis per new Illinois law... Is this really true? I know the NPs in IL are required to meet with their CPs monthly, but when (and why) did this become the case for PAs??

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Ya I think that’s what I’m going to have to do. An email went out from the boss yesterday basically saying that because there was a language change from “supervising physician” to “collaborating physician” it now changes things and we have to meet on a monthly basis because that’s what is required of NPs in IL who also use the term “collaborating physician” in their legislature. So it sounds like we’re being lumped in with the NPs. Doesn’t really make any sense...

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I would share the requirements for NP practice, and then say their argument (NPs do it so you should too) doesn't even make sense from that angle as the requirements for practice are completely different. 

Scope of practice for APRNs with Full Practice Authority:

-No written collaborative agreement in any practice setting.

-Authority to prescribe legend and Schedule II-V controlled substances with a controlled substance license (not a mid-level provider controlled substance license)

When prescribing benzodiazepines and opioids:

-A consultation relationship between the APRN and a physician must be registered with the PMP and specific opioids indicated for prescribing. 

-This is not a signed agreement, no delegation and no written document.

-Communication (type of communication is determined by the two professionals involved) is required at least once every 30 days between the APRN and physician for the purpose of discussing opioid or benzodiazepine therapy.

-The physician's name is not required on any prescription for an APRN with full practice authority.

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