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  1. That is a good point. They said they were going to pay us weekly still, but it wouldn’t be the normal weekly base salary, it would be %. I’m not sure how that’s going to work though due to the collections lag time, like you said . I think the change goes into effect next week, so I’ll see how it goes.
  2. I know. Not excited about it, but I also don’t think I have any other choice at the moment. I cannot think of a worse time to try to switch specialties or be looking for a new job in general. So I guess I’ll stay and try to wait it out and hope I am at least seeing enough people to make more than I would make from unemployment.
  3. My group is working the same hours, but our schedules are only ~50% of what they usually are in terms of # of appointments. Employer took our base salary until further notice and we are now only paid % of collections; “eat what you kill” so to speak.
  4. Very interesting! I’m assuming it’s for urgent care, ED? Or other specialties too? (Side note: don’t refer to us as “midlevels” )
  5. I feel ill and no it’s not from COVID19....... Skip ahead to the 2 min mark of that YouTube video and listen to them all introduce themselves to President Trump as “Doctor So&So, NP.”
  6. You should absolutely do modules, read, and self-study at home, but I don’t know if that should “count for credit.” It’s a huge inconvenience to graduate late, but there’s really no at-home substitute for the hands-on experience you get from quality clinical rotations.
  7. Working at a medspa will allow you to gain experience with cosmetic injectables and lasers, but will not do much in terms of helping you acquire actual medical dermatology experience. Most derm practices that offer medical and cosmetic services turn their noses up at med spas. You also run the risk of general medical knowledge/skill atrophy by working exclusively at a med spa, especially as a new grad. I would make the med spa a side gig and consider getting a job in primary care while you’re looking for your dream derm job.
  8. Just received a response from Senator Stewart saying SB1676 is now in the Appropriations Committee, but has not been scheduled on the agenda as of right now. She said when SB1676 comes before her for vote she will consider our request!
  9. LOL I also did them from my phone I shoulda mentioned that!
  10. FYI to everyone: You do NOT have to live/practice in Florida to send this e-mail. I practice elsewhere and just e-mailed all 21 senators without having to provide a Florida address. If we want OTP to become the norm across the nation we should be doing what we can to participate in activism and support it however/wherever we can, not just in our home state. Good luck Florida!!!
  11. If you’re at the point of becoming a practicing PA-C you should have the self-awareness and common sense to know what is and isn’t ok to post on social media and when.
  12. Good thing they don’t know about Praxician also I hope even more now that Physician Associate is NOT the title that’s presented to us as the best “new” name for our profession this spring.
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