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  1. Does anyone know step by step what needs to be done to legally change our professional title? Is there any chance we could make it happen without the support of AAPA or PAFT? I know $$$$ is always a hurdle when it comes to trying to get legislation passed, but money aside, could individual state PA academies get a legal name change to pass at their state level? Or could those of us who support MCP faction off and get a name change passed at the national level? Extremely disappointed by AAPA’s and PAFT’s stance on this. Might as well have taken a million dollars and lit it on fire. I
  2. That's a big reason why I haven't filed any formal HR complaints. This practice has several locations and is run by a team of Physician-Partners. Even if the Physician-Partners aren't PA haters, I figure if it really came down to it, they'd probably choose her over me, simply because it's human nature to "protect your own." Interestingly, my CP and one of the other partners who was part of the physician team that hired me are somewhat aware of the issues with the new MD. The office managers had to get the DON involved when a couple MAs quit as a direct result of this new MD disrespecting
  3. Agreed. I have not taken any of this to HR because it's very covert. I'm aware of it because I can read her non-verbal energy and body language and because the MAs, and other office staff that to whom she makes these anti-PA comments, tell me what she says because they are horrified by it. I also agree that there is an element of a female-female power issue. We are close in age and I think it irks her that I came in a month after her and caught on to the flow of the clinic faster and more quickly assimilated to the EMR and easily made-nice with all the MAs, managers, and other staff who s
  4. I am a practicing PA with 4 years of experience and I started a new job a few months ago (same specialty I have always been in, just decided to relocate). There is a fresh-out-of-residency MD who started working at this new job of mine a month before I started and she HATES PAs. She makes rude comments about PAs behind my back, but in front of the MAs and other office staff, and it is hard not to take her comments personally, considering I am the only PA at this location of our practice and the only one she has ever actually worked with as a full-fledge “professional,” considering this is her
  5. Makes sense. It’s always about the money and politics of it all when it comes down to it. Greedy monetarily and ego-wise
  6. One of my MD professors in PA school predicted something like this would happen. If they grandfathered us in it would certainly decrease the “physician shortage” they all like to talk about. Maybe we should change our name to Physician Associate after all; it would make it easier to grandfather us lol. Does anyone realistically think this is something the AAPA can approach the AMA (or other legal entities) about to see if it might be an option?
  7. Let’s say we are able to change our title to MCP and have a DMS degree.... would it be: 1.) LEGAL and 2.) APPROPRIATE to walk into an exam room and say “Hello, I’m Dr. XYZ, one of the Medical Care Practitioners.” In that circumstance, you would be calling yourself “Dr.” because you earned a doctoral degree related to the work you are performing, but clearly state the type of Dr. you are by identifying yourself as a MCP. If an “associate physician“ who didn’t complete residency is able to call themself Dr. because they completed a doctoral program, shouldn’t the same be true
  8. Thanks! I contacted Berxi; they won't insure me because in addition to medical dermatology I also perform cosmetic injectables (only maybe 10% of my appointments are cosmetic, but they don't care). I also contacted Proliability by Mercer and they told me they only offer occurrence policies W/OUT prior acts for PAs, so that doesn't work for me. (Interestingly, their occurrence quote was a few hundred more than CM&F's occurrence quote that DOES include prior acts). I have a couple other quotes pending and will hopefully be able to make a final decision soon. Getting these quot
  9. Good to know! What company do you use if you don’t mind me asking?
  10. I am private practice derm. We stayed open through it all, but stopped performing cosmetic services for about 2-3 months in the beginning. Our salary was taken away and we were paid based on % of our collections for the first several months; this was scary because our volumes were way down since all the patients were terrified to leave their homes. As of 2 months ago, our pay structure returned to the usual compensation of salary + % productivity. Volume has been back up to pre-covid level for the last 3 months.
  11. Figured I would post an update... My new employer was not able to add tail/nose for me, “due to legal reasons.” However, they then offered me a sign on bonus to try to offset the cost of securing coverage on my own. I spoke with a representative from the CM&F group endorsed by AAPA. Tail coverage alone would have been 8000-9000 a year. A full 1 million/3 million claims made (convertible to occurrence after 3 years) malpractice policy with prior acts is 4000/year. I am going to go with the full policy option and may continue to keep it active even after the funds from my sign on b
  12. My PCP works at OneMedical and seems happy. She is a Physician and she treats the PAs she works with as equal colleagues from what I’ve observed. The office seems to run really efficiently too as far as check-in, labs, prescriptions, etc. go.
  13. Very cool! Although, somewhat ironic that she has been in positions of power on the California political scene for the last 10-15 years and they still couldn’t manage to get OTP passed there lol. Probably just goes to show how much more powerful the nursing lobby is.
  14. Thank you for sharing your understanding of it. The insurance industry is such a convoluted mess. Thankfully after discussion/contract negotiation my new employer is entertaining the idea of adding prior acts/nose for my policy with them; they are looking into cost and are going to let me know. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this will all work out so I can avoid the personal expense and hassle. The statute of limitations for malpractice in my state is 2 years from the date of discovery, but no more than 4 years from the date the treatment occurred, regardless of the discovery date.
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