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New grad UC job advice!

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I'm a new grad who is going for a second interview with an UC today in New Hampshire. The only details I have this moment is that it's a semi-busy UC with 2-3 providers working at a time. 3 12 hour shifts a week making it full time with malpractice, health insurance, vision and dental included. They also require weekend shifts. I don't know the hourly offer yet, but a friend who interviewed with them once mentioned they hire new grads at 45/hr. $84,240 a year definitely won't pay back my student loans, so I want to be prepared in case this is their offer. I'm just looking for advice on what I should expect in pay and benefits as a new grad in UC. I'm also interested in UC because I want to eventually get into an ER position.


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That's too low of pay for the volume of patients you'll likely see. No less than 50-55/hour imho. Especially if they only give you 2 weeks PTO or less, cuz any time off you want beyond that is lost money. I said no to an 86K offer without blinking, another UC offer would be $50/hour with no benefits, no PTO; and 3rd UC would've been over 100K with 1.5x pay on holidays but crappy benefits. with insurance 'included' do you know what your monthly premium is?

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I'd walk away from that offer. $50-65/hr depending on many factors (area of the country, type of UC, your experience, etc). Training wages are rubbish and should be fought tooth and nail. You don't pay any other medical professional less during their training phase and PAs shouldn't be treated any differently. My first gig right out of PA school paid a training wage and I accepted it thinking a) it'll be like a better paid residency and b) it's only for a short while. What I found to be true was I hit the ground running much faster than anticipated, bringing in money for the practice while they short-changed my pay. Additionally, a practice that pays training wages historically will low ball you on raises and negotiations to come.

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