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Re-Applying New LOR?

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Hello Everyone,


As many of you are, I have been trying to prepare for the next round of applications. This is my first year re-applying and was wondering what to do about letters of recommendation. I feel that I have three strong letters, is it necessary or recommended that I get new LORs?


What about the personal statement? I was granted an interview last period, so I feel that I only need to tweak my essay versus re-writing it. In no way am I trying to be lazy, I just really like what I wrote. I think I already know what everyone is going to post about this, but please voice your opinions. Thanks in advance!



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You already know you need to rewrite your personal statement. I can tell, you know it.


The schools who rejected you read your rec letters. Think about that. In your shoes, I would approach my writers and ask them again. If you think the letters are strong, give them an opportunity to be stronger and (importantly) up to date.

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