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Have you applied to other programs?

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I have an interview coming up in a few weeks and am struggling with what I would say if I were asked "Have you applied to other programs?" or something of that nature. 

The reason I am struggling is because I only applied to this one program, as it is my top choice and I was taking a shot in the dark for my first time applying. I know that PA programs like to see candidates apply to multiple schools because it shows that they are committed. I don't have that going for me, so does anyone have suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

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Interviewers ask, more to see what you’re up to. Some applicants really want a particular program, for various reasons. One of my classmates didn’t want to move; she lived across the river from our school, graduated, and went back across the river to work.

i don’t feel that you’ll be at a disadvantage because you only applied to one program ( aside from the obvious fact that you only have one chance of being accepted somewhere this round.) Just be straight up as to why you want to go there.

And good luck!

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